2015 Toyota Prius

2015 Toyota Prius is the fourth generation car and it will be redesigned completely while keeping up with the latest technology.  The car will be based on the Toyota New Global Architecture or TNGA which will be its platform.  The new platform will be based on a completely new exterior and interior.  With the new design and the new platform, the entire control system with the performance will also be improved.  The main reason to have a TNGA platform is that it will have a lower gravity center while improving on how the car will be handled. Other changes expected to be found on the car include a minimal hood with an upright windshield that will be relocated on the rear.  The company says that the new outside design will help with the wind resistance of the car. The new piece in steel will provide the lower facility for its warranties and gravitation that will offer a better suspension.  This is the same features that can support the new generation for this car.

2015 Toyota Prius front

2015 Toyota Prius news

The 2015 Toyota Prius wireless changing system is among the features that all the people will be looking out for. This is meant to be used for the hybrid version. However, there is not yet any information if the car will be the first one to use this technology. However, the car is expected to make it simpler and easier, to charge without using the plugs and wires. It is also not yet known if the car will have the same technology of renewal energy as the current hybrid model. The design for the car dashboard will be common while the analog figures will have brand new tire with three spoke. The existing info program will sat on the center of the dash and the leading Toyota office guarantee that the car will have a roomier cabin. The dashboard will also have formal renovation and noteworthy designs which will offer better and simple usage. The 2015 Toyota Prius will have all the current tools like Bluetooth and navigation.

However, whatever will take place, 2015 Toyota Prius is expected to have better improvements.  The car economical petrol is of 1.8 L capacity which will be help to save the fuel up to 10 percent. The hybrid drive will have a lighter lithium-ion battery and the weight of the car can be reduced up to 20 percent. This may affect the mileage of the car. The previous car was able to make up to 70 mpg   and the new car will be having 90 mpg. The new car will have fuel consumption of the 2.5L at 100km.

2015 Toyota Prius rear

2015 Toyota Prius release date and price

The improvements that will be made on the 2015 Toyota Prius will be worth it. The current car is considered to be the queen of the hybrid car at the market. The manufacturer of the car will remain at the same price which is 25,000 dollars. This is a reasonable price when it comes to the features found with the car.  The car is expected to be made in Japan and it will reach the global market by this year.

2015 Toyota Prius interior

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