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2016 VW Passat Redesigned, Price

2016 VW Passat front

Seven generations of this sedan since 1973, and now, an all-wheel drive new generation of 2016 VW Passat makes its debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The impressive VW Passat is a true all-round vehicle, able to drive through snow with ease. It is a well-rounded, car, capable of being a family all rounder, business vehicle, touring, and SUV all into one. And below we highlight its defining features for the 2016 model.

2016 Lexus LF-SA Exterior, Interior

2016 Lexus LF-SA front

2016 Lexus LF-SA Is a luxurious three-door car with 2+2 seating, sub compact-sized city car with a body that blurs the lines between small coupes, crossovers and hatchbacks. Lexus the overall length is just over 11 feet. It retains a firm trademark pinched with a spindle grille and LED signature of light.

2016 Audi A6 Price, New

2016 Audi A6 front

Without a doubt, the 2016 Audi A6 model is the most executive car around. Launched in the year 1994, it was designed to succeed the legendary Audi 100. Ever since, there have been four generational models. The current model was launched back in 2011 – it has slightly overstayed its welcome. It is time for a new and revamped model. The 2016 Audi A6 is the answer and the solution to staying ahead in the fast moving and changing motor world.

2016 Dodge Charger MPG, Changes

2016 Dodge Charger front

2016 Dodge Charger presents to us a great deal of technological innovations that are perfectly combined with traditional look, ready to leave everyone amazed and breathless. In this review, we will go through some of the most importanat recent improvements and changes made on 2016 Dodge Charger. When it comes to the exterior design of the new 2016 Dodge Charger, there are no many differences when comparing it to its precursor. The manufactures decided to maintain the original retro look that has been combined with a big dose of a modern and attractive design. Maybe in negligible amounts, the redesign is visible in some segments of the new model, of the popular Charger.

2016 Audi Q5 Release Date, New

2016 Audi Q5 front

German automaker, Audi is currently developing 2nd generation 2016 Audi Q5 compact SUV. With a lot of existing and upcoming completion from other SUV manufacturers, Audi has announced myriad substantial upgrades to feature in this new Q5. The 2016 Audi Q5 will boast of a more attractive design which includes a new architecture as well as a plug-in hybrid model under its hood. As first in its line of changes is the production plant transition. From Ingolstadt, Germany, production of the 2016 Audi Q5 will be relocated to San Jose Chiapa in Mexico.

2016 Mazda 6 Price, Engine

2016 Mazda 6 front

The 2016 Mazda 6 is a sleek four-doored sedan, and it offers some of the best road manners in its class. The 2016 Mazda has a beautiful finishing, stylish design, and it is easy to handle. It has a luxurious interior that makes it one of the most good looking and most comfortable/enjoyable family sedans around.

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