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2016 Jeep Renegade Price, Colors

2016 Jeep Renegade front

The 2016 Jeep Renegade will possess similar robustness that vehicles from Jeep usually possess. It will have exceptional performance, and it will be able to perform even on the harshest terrains. The vehicle will have combined convenience, open-air freedom, and off-road capabilities. The newest upgrade to this model entails the help of an automatic transmission of a first nine-speed segment for off-road and on-road handling. Jeep the car is available in Trailhawk and Limited models, Latitude, and sport in 10 exterior paint colors. It will include Jetset Blue Metallic Clear Coat and Granite Crystal Metallic.

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2016 Toyota Highlander Engine, Review

2016 Toyota Highlander front

The 2016 Toyota Highlander will come with a better engine line, newer technology, and a modern design. It is coming as a step model from the previous one. The interior and exterior will be more attractive. And the improved engine will have a better fuel economy. Toyota the vehicle will be more stylish and sleeker in all its aspects.

2016 Jeep Gladiator Interior, Exterior

2016 Jeep Gladiator front

If you are looking for a unique and tough looking vehicle with a capability of covering long distance in difficult roads and off road terrains, then the amazing ultra modern 2016 Jeep Gladiator is the best pick-up truck you should consider buying.

2016 Dodge Journey Price, News

2016 Dodge Journey front

Are you caught up in a battle between whether to buy a minivan or an SUV? The 2016 Dodge Journey could provide you with a very unlikely but quite sufficient answer. The model has among the best features to bridge the difference that a minivan and an SUV have to offer. With this particular model, you get to enjoy the comfort and agility that comes with a minivan while still enjoying the brute power of an SUV. But, that is not all there is to the 2016 Dodge Journey.

2016 Toyota Hilux Changes, Relased

2016 Toyota Hilux front

The 2016 Toyota Hilux is expected to be a global market car that is contrary to what other Toyota models have been over the years. This in effect means that the US market will also see the introduction of this car for the first time. New 2016 Toyota Hilux is expected to be more fuel efficient despite the fact that it will be bigger and pack more power than its predecessors. Toyota is expected to make a statement as regards this real soon because the release date for this monster is scheduled to be soon too.

2016 Toyota C-HR Engine, Review

2016 Toyota C-HR front

2016 Toyota C-HR is the new Toyota car model that is bound to be unveiled in the market soon. It was disclosed at a motor show in Paris in 2014. The current market has shifted to smaller and more agile cars which is exactly what the 2016 Toyota C-HR will be like.

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2017 Honda Crosstour Price, News

2017 Honda Crosstour front

2017 Honda Crosstour will be released with more advanced aerodynamic features and efficiency compared to its precursors. Its design will mainly be focused to achieve a sporty and coupe look, convenient interior and a versatile cabin. This model Honda is targeted to have greater sales in US and Japanese markets.

2017 Mazda RX7 Performance, Sporty

2017 Mazda RX7 front

Mazda will allegedly revive their RX7 model to come back to the market. According to the information at hand, the car will encompass a number of new modifications and changes, and it will choose its big return as the 2017 Mazda RX7. Also, the car will have the support of a new styling structure and engine, which is anticipated to provide better augmentations for the long run. This article explores the 2017 Mazda RX7. Review in details, including its basic concept, specs, interior & exterior design, the engine as well as release date and price. It goes without question that the car will have a spectacular style and design. It is pretty polished to become complete with its unique capabilities, particularly when it comes to the car’s architecture as well as the body design. The engine specifications will be the key focus for Mazda, since it is expected to compete favorably with big names in the contemporary marketplace. 

2016 Ford F150 Redesign, Engine

2016 Ford F150 front

The Ford F series from inception in 1948 has been dominant with the F-150 being the market leader. Since development of the 13th Generation range of Ford pick-up trucks (2014), the main focus was on power, durability, safety and fuel economy while maintaining high levels of class, style and luxury. The 2016 Ford F-150 does that and even more. This future automobile is lighter, safer and tougher than its predecessors. This vehicle is truly special.

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2016 Ford Falcon Price, News

2016 Ford Falcon front

The 2016 Ford Falcon is a sports sedan automobile that is currently being manufactured by Ford Motors Corporation which is an American automobile giant. It is designed to incorporate the features of few famous current models of Ford motors such as Falcon XR6, Falcon G6E, and Falcon XR8; and is expected to have hi-tech features and powerful engines. It forms the subject of the proceeding review: