2016 Acura TSX New, Engine

Are you searching a luxurious car? Then 2016 Acura TSX model is on the way for you. The model is going to come in two versions, that is, Sedan and hatchback. Both of these cars will have same features from engine to accessories. This will be the first time Acura TSX clients are going to choose between hatchback and sedan in terms of the size of cargo room.

2016 Acura TSX front

2016 Acura TSX Interior and Exterior

2016 Acura TSX some modifications are expected to occur on both interior and exterior of the model. For the hatchback, it is expected to have bigger boot room and more passenger space. Aerodynamic design also is going to improve its grip within the road during corners, this will improve safety while driving. Also the model has LED lighting which will promote sustainability of battery life. The lights are in jewel eye model. In terms of music the model is expected to have ten speaker audio system. Also it will have automatic air conditioning system, satellite navigator, new radar system, automatic speed braking, adaptive cruise control, notification of the lane departure, selectable four mode driver’s system, transfer mapping, seven inch contact screen display, Bluetooth, USB ports and video discs.. Finally, the model will have five doors.

2016 Acura TSX side

2016 Acura TSX Engine

I know at the moment you are asking yourself, what of performance? In terms of engine, speculations depicts that it is going to have the current engine. That is, 2.4 liter engine which provides two hundred and four horse power and one hundred and seventy lb-ft of torque. Also there is a topic that second engine will be introduced. This engine will be 3.5 liter, V6 that provides two hundred and eighty horse power and two hundred and fifty eight lb-ft of torque. There is a believe that these two engines are going to be partnered with either a five or six speed transmissions.

2016 Acura TSX interior

2016 Acura TSX Release Date and Price

The car is expected to be in showrooms approximately by the end of 2016. There are no specific price mentioned, but it is said starting price will be around $ 35 000. If you are an individual that loves being on road for longer time, then here is your car. This is a beautiful car that is economical in regard to fuel usage. Never read this article and watch other people driving it. If you have financial potential visit showrooms at the end of 2016 Acura TSX and purchase this magnificent car. With the car your long journeys will be smooth due to its comfort.

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