2016 Audi RS4 Released, Engine

Audi’s presence at Geneva Motor Show has never been as memorable as in 2015. Many visitors wondered why this was happening, but a sharper look at its stand gave them all their answers. Inspired by nature and designed especially for tech-savvy car buffs, the Audi RS4 was perfect in all dimensions. And if this is not enough, its performance far surpassed even that of Audi R8 and it was obvious that BMW’s M7 has found its rival. It was Audi RS 4. An article from Car and Driver has recently indicated that the German company is soon going to introduce its updated and better version, the updated 2016 Audi RS4. Frankly speaking, only time will tell what the company has in store for RS 4, but one thing is definitely sure, the new model is going to be far better than all its predecessors.

2016 Audi RS4 front

2016 Audi RS4 Engine

The new 2016 Audi RS4 will not only be Audi’s hottest invention but will be equipped with more efficient and better twin turbo V6 engines. The companies’ factories will no longer be producing the V8, instead their entire energy will now be focused on the new and better V6, which are smaller in displacement but no less powerful than V8. As mentioned before, the company has tried to develop a new engine for the new 2016 Audi RS4 which will offer an excellent 2.8 liter fuel capacity with V6 type engine. Another system with 4.6 liter fuel capacity and V8 type is also being developed. This mechanism will enable the vehicle to produce 450 Horsepower to gain better speed. It will also be able to cover 26 miles per gallon in the city and 30 miles per gallon on the highway.

2016 Audi RS4 rear

2016 Audi RS4 Exterior and Interior

It is believed that a new look and design will be introduced, but Audi will maintain by using the classic modern options. The exterior of the vehicle will give a masculine and pleasant look. It is not difficult to understand why Audi has improved the grille position and shape. It will be placed closer to the headlight and will cover the wider area. This will be done just to increase the air intake. The shape of the head and tail light is also believed to be more substantial because of the merged style. The use of the refined LED technology will make the indicators and lights more clear and powerful.

Just like its predecessor, the interior designing of 2016 Audi RS4 is going to be really impressive. Several ultra modern features such as the new and improved power steering, better and clearer HD display, weather update and interior climate zone, a new and improved gearbox will all be introduced. The adjustable and comfortable seats with pure leather will make your journey very comfortable. The presence of airbags in all sides will make the car safer and it will also feature an updated and better anti-lock breaking and anti-theft system.

2016 Audi RS4 interior

2016 Audi RS4 Release Date and Price

The 2016 Audi RS4 is will be introduced sometime after the summer of this year. The company has adjusted $50,000 to $55,000 as the base price of this vehicle.

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