2016 Audi RS7 Engine, New

If one were to see the 2016 Audi RS7 with the aggressive modifications in the styling, 20 inch wheels and fastback body, the Audi will succeed on its looks alone. This gasoline consuming monster was an amazing success story and people are waiting in line with their check books to get their own piece of automobile history.

2016 Audi RS7 front

2016 Audi RS7 Engine

This bahn-burner has a magnificent 4.0 liter V8 twin turbo that delivers 560 horse powers and guzzles fuel to get the car 25 miles on a gallon, an eight speed all-wheel drive and a suspension that has been lowered to the road. The force-fed Quattro V-8 AWD under the bonnet will power the 2015 RS7 Sports-car to greater distances that will leave your friends screaming in their leather seats made especially for this car. This car can at best be described as a rocket designed for the road making the AMGs and M cars look like smoke sputters driven by early man.

2016 Audi RS7 rear


2016 Audi RS7 Exterior and Interior

Audi introduced its four-door A7 with a lift-back rear end – unique to the car – intended to maximize luggage space, it was Audi’s answer to the Mercedes-Benz CLS 4-door coupe. This made all other luxury car manufacturers go scurrying for their own designs to catch up to the two giants who had left the rest of the automobile industry biting their dust.

2016 Audi sports LED headlights, unique heated leather seats with honeycomb contrast stitching along with the leather wrapped armrests provide a sophisticated look to the interiors of the Audi RS7. The grayish brown set and trim complements the design of the interior beautifully. The seven colored eight inch information display comes installed with Google Earth and the renowned Audi music interface, Bluetooth Steering, and 2 UAB ports not to mention the voice recognition system.

2016 Audi RS7 interior

2016 Audi RS7 Price and Release Date

And in the end, the six figure price pegged at $108,900 is the only thing that will make a buyer squeal. The bookings are starting at the end of the year, 2016.

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