2016 BMW M5 Change, Release Date

The BMW M5 has for the longest time been a rear-wheel drive monster which could very easily outrun Porsches or Ferraris while offering the luxury of most other executive saloons. However, BMW are planning on changing all that with the 2016 BMW M5, their slight update to the previous model. This new model will offer more power and new transmission options. This should be the biggest change to the M5 since the original release; a change BMW hopes will make this car a lot more desirable.

2016 BMW M5 front

2016 BMW M5 Exterior and Interior

On its exterior, the M5 will be similar to current models. In fact, the only changes will be a unique set of wheels to be introduced for its xDrive version. The 2016 BMW M5 extends to approximately 193.3 inches in length and 74.4 inches in width. The 2016 M5 will have a complete kit to contain bumpers at all finishes of this car, trunk-installed gills and spoilers in the top-part bumpers, part dresses and small M5 logos. What’s more it will have 19 inch tires.

Inside this car we will see a similar interior as that in the current model but with some minor upgrades that are intended at making this car easy to drive and more fun being in. As a standard it should get a new infotainment center with bigger screens than before. It is going to offer Bluetooth, USB, line in and LTE connectivity. It will also allow drivers to start a hot spot for the passengers. On top of all that, its seats will be upgraded to ventilated and heated seats all around this car, a nice improvement to the previous model.

2016 BMW M5 rear

2016 BMW M5 Engine

The engine remains the 4.4 liter twin turbocharged V8 as that in previous models but this time it’s expected to give a bit more power. In fact, its 650 HP is expected to make it one of the most powerful sedans on the market. And though for a rear-wheel drive car it might seem like too much, BMW are going to introduce, for the very first time, all-wheel drive to the M5. This should still favor the rear-wheels as the main-torque receiver, but this will allow this car to drive better even in cold weather.

2016 BMW M5 interior

2016 BMW M5 Price and Release Date

Based on reports, it’s likely that the 2016 BMW M5 be launched for sale by July, 2016 with the price expected to remain at the current model’s $95,000 which is quite acceptable if you consider that the M5s have some of the best-tuned chasses in the industry.

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