2016 BMW M8 – New supercar from BMW

The rumours of a brand new super car from BMW might be turning true as many experts are claiming that 2016 BMW M8 is the car that has been passively making news all the time. These rumours became solid information when the BMW announced that it would be releasing brand new cars in the upcoming year. But what all you can be expecting from this car?2016 BMW M8 front view

2016 BMW M8: Exterior

Lately, BMW has not been very creative and all its models are close to each other. It is expected to be same for this car. The design of 2016 BMW M8 would be like the combination of BMW i8 and BMW M1. It has numerous mechanisms to make it efficient and effective on road while travelling at very high speed.

For better cooling, 2016 BMW M8 will have a huge v-shaped hood with intake all along its front part. The grille is set to vanish from the front part to give it a more unlike-BMW look. The headlights and taillights will feature the new lighting system to make it stylish and yet have powerful lights. The diffuser is essentially added to this car to make it safer to ride at high speed and keep the g-force sufficient to keep this car stably on the road.

2016 BMW M8 interior

2016 BMW M8: Interior

Like said, it is mixture of two different models. The outer design is majorly taken from 2016 BMW M8 while the interior gets its designed inspired by BMW i8. Staring off with carbon fibre interior makes it very strong and suitable for surviving numerous accidents and damages. Besides the carbon fibre, other material worth noting is the fine quality of leather that has been used to cover the seats. The seats are satisfactorily comfortable to avoid and problems and uneasiness as your concentration is essential at high speed.

 This car will have the usual instrumental panel with numerous additions to make this car more informative and offers more systems make your journey safer, comfortable and entertaining. If you are choosing a car that you will be taking for a run at high speeds, then you should be aware of the safety features it provides. Brake assistance system, blind spot monitoring and accurately positioned airbags make this car quite a safe ride.

2016 BMW M8 rear view

2016 BMW M8 interior: Engine

This section is the only thing that makes 2016 BMW M8 exclusively unique compared to any other car produced by the makers. It will have a V8 engine with twin charge system that is said to be able to produce as much as 600 hp of power. This makes this car is much powerful than its competitors and gives you with one of the most powerful cars of the coming age, carrying a weight of 3000 pound body.

Though it is heavy, its engine is powerful enough to carry its weight. And as a result, can take you to 60 mph from rest in a mere 3 seconds and is expected to reach a top speed of around 200 mph. The new sports car from BMW offers quite a lot of power to concern. With such weight and such power, you will be able to get stability in your car along with speed. Your wait is over, if you were looking for a sports car from BMW with 2016 BMW M8.

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