2016 BMW X6 – All New and Improved

All you BMW lovers must be excited on hearing, news about the second generation 2016 BMW X6.  When the first generation hybrid coupe was introduced people were sceptical that it wouldn’t be successful but history proved them wrong and today BMW X6 is the most sought after car in its class and practically has no competition left for it in the market. Despite the fact that makers have tried to keep the looks of this car a secret, leaked pictures and information pretty much gives a fair idea what to expect from this latest model.
2016 BMW X6 front view

2016 BMW X6: Exterior

First thing which will come to your mind when you see the new 2016 BMW X6 is that the looks is based on BMW’s F15 X5 in front. Especially the headlights are completely similar and bonds with kidney grilles. Although front bumper is quite different from the X5, the new design still has the subtle X shape look which makes the car stand out. Air intakes in the front have got a more racy and sporty feel to it to get your blood pumping for speed.

Sides of the new 2016 BMW X6 hasn’t changed in design that much excepting rear wheel arch has gotten a new character line to give it a better look. On rear end the design is based on old X4 with a totally new taillight using BMW’s LED strip technology. Rear bumper also has a new diffuser and exhaust tailpipes.

2016 BMW X6: Interior

There have been major changes made on interiors of the new 2016 BMW X6. Dashboard has got the same design as we’ve seen in the X5 which has a three dimensional layered surface. You can also check the colour of the decorative stitching with exclusive trimmings added to the list. Steering wheel is covered with sports leather and it also comes with knee pads in the centre console. Makers of new 2016 BMW X6 not only paid attention to luxury but also to comfort of passengers. As comfort and luxury goes hand in hand you can find the option of folding the rear seats.

2016 BMW X6 interior

2016 BMW X6: Types of Engines

 There will be three variants of engine available for new 2016 BMW X6 models. There will be two diesel engines and one petrol engine available in market. Basic model sports a 3-litres turbocharged diesel engine which produces an output of 258 horsepower and a torque of 413 lb-ft which will give a fuel economy of around 39 mile per gallon.

Second model of this diesel variant is a 3-litre tri-turbo engine with a 6 cylinder inline fuel injection engine producing an output of 381 hp and a torque of 546 lb-ft. The car can reach an impressive speed of about 100km in 5.2 seconds. This car has an economical mileage of around 35.6 mpg.

2016 BMW X6 rear view

Third and lastly there is also a petrol version which boasts of a powerful V8 petrol engine making an output of 450 hp and a torque of 479 lb-ft. With such great power this model is easily the fastest model in the new 2016 BMW X6 series and can reach a speed of 100 km in just 4.8 seconds. Despite having such a powerful engine it gives a decent fuel economy of around 24.2 mpg.

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