2016 Chevrolet El Camino New, Review

2016 Chevrolet El Camino is expected to be one of the most amazing cars to be launched by Chevrolet to further consolidate its strong foothold in the automotive industry. The very name of this car may ring bells in the heads of certain people many of whom would be admirers of Chevrolet car. This series is a further continuation of the very popular el Camino series which was launched between 1959 and 1960. Chevrolet is ready to launch its reincarnated version with a sleek design and sharp features to raise Chevrolet’s sales in this segment.

2016 Chevrolet El Camino front

2016 Chevrolet El Camino Review

Chevrolet El Camino model has a classy design with sturdy looks and is made as a pick-up truck to carry heavy goods. There is no doubt about the cars features and specifications and is certain to create ripples in the automotive industry after its launch. Many modifications are being made to the interior and exterior of the original version of the car to give it a new look while retaining its authenticity and class. Chevrolet is using new materials and better design and hence the car is expected to be substantially lighter. The manufacturers are trying to streamline the body by modifying several components like the tailgate which will be modified completely. The blueprint of the car has been tweaked a little to make the cabin space more luxurious and storage space bigger. 2016 El Camino design is a perfect blend of the functionality of truck with dazzling look of a sedan car.

2016 Chevrolet El Camino side

2016 Chevrolet El Camino New

There are big expectations from this car and it will certainly have many new things to offer. The most important feature is it’s powertrain but it is very difficult to find any information on this as the company hopes to take the market by surprise. The company is tight lipped about the engine of 2016 Chevrolet El Camino but there are rumors that new engine has will harness much improved performance with better fuel economy.

2016 Chevrolet El Camino interior

2016 Chevrolet El Camino Release Date and Price

If you want to buy this car you have to be a little more patient. There has been no announcement or information on the launch of the car. The company hasn’t revealed the official date of the launch as yet so we would advise the buyers to stay tuned. Also no new announcements were made in the concept car edition, hence predicting the price of the car is very difficult but it certainly will be worth the money.

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