2016 Dodge Cummins Review, Price

With launch of several trucks during the course of the last few decades, the heavy-duty truck industry has got progressively aggressive with auto creators and designers working round the clock to get one over their rivals. Competitiveness is apparently the order of the day in the entire trucking industry. The 2016 Dodge Cummins is a new upcoming truck model, which is anticipated to send swells across the business and hail itself when it comes to both force and execution. The majority of the minor disadvantages have been rectified and new plan and engineering concepts have been utilized for developing this exceptional model.

2016 Dodge Cummins front

2016 Dodge Cummins Engine

The highest point of the line engine in this model is a diesel instead of a petrol engine. This is a 6.7 liter inline 6 supplied by Cummins which comes in two distinctive power ranges. The base one present more than 350 horse power and 660 lb-ft of torque, which can tow more than 16.000 pounds. The more intense one presents over 385 horse power and 850 lb-ft of torque which lets it to tow more than 25.000 pounds with a lot of ease. Fuel use is also incomparable since any of these two diesels are more fuel effective than the petite petrol engine.

2016 Dodge Cummins side

2016 Dodge Cummins Exterior and Interior

The external part of this vehicle is anticipated to be the same as the other prototypes. However, some class and style has been acquainted with this most recent version. The most noticeable changes can be clearly spotted on the scuff plates, bumpers, and vehicle fenders. It has a plated grille and guard with bigger edges that provides for it a more grounded appearance. Furthermore, another significant change is on the new crossed structure whereby a dark color has been added to make the truck look a bit tougher. The normal switch to a lighter aluminum body is not going to happen anymore. According to a top official within, no potential client has ever requested an aluminum body.

Regarding the interior of the new version, there are no much changes either. The greatest modifications are with wood grains, the furnishings which are made of leather, and the metallic complements which are a perfect match for the exterior and interior configuration of this upcoming truck. Some few features that are held from the 2016 Dodge Cummins include a powerful steering wheel, cozy leather seats, WI-FI connectivity, DVD player, and versatile air suspension. The vehicle has six seats and can subsequently capacitate up to 8 people.

2016 Dodge Cummins interior

2016 Dodge Cummins Release Date and Price

Since there is scarce official data, we expect the 2016 Dodge Cummins to advance into the showrooms before the end of 2015 or early part of 2016. Considering the cost of the present model, the forthcoming vehicle is anticipated to cost a little more with its price being placed in the region of $30,000 or more.

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