2016 Dodge Dakota Price, New

The 2016 Dodge Dakota comes to the mid-sized pick-up truck market as a redesigned model, with the first of this model setting foot in the market back in 1987. Ever since 1987, Dodge Dakota have remained significant in the production of high-tech midsized pickup trucks. The announcement of the 2016 Dodge Dakota is in a bid to increase the customer base of the make and model by the automaker, despite a few glitches in sales of the previous model. The 2016 Dodge Dakota is expected to be having a smaller cargo area, a very plush interior, and modern features as well as dynamics coming as standard installations. The styling of the exterior and its décor will be enhanced as compared to its predecessor, ensuring a stylish and ornamental look.

2016 Dodge Dakota front

2016 Dodge Dakota Exterior and Interior

The chassis of the 2016 Dodge Dakota will be equipped with four large stylish as well as functional active doors with an enormous preview; the back doors slide to the back when opened and they can be remotely controlled. On the front end, the truck will feature newly designed chic LED headlights with stylish c-shaped daytime running lights and a huge chrome grille. The rear and front bumpers will be fitted with beautiful décor. The cargo deck will feature an additional sliding loading mechanism which will help you load your merchandise more easily even right from the ground up. This new model is constructed using much lightweight materials, with a new aluminum body and a sturdier chassis, making the truck have a lower curb weight thus boosting the truck’s performance as well as acceleration. The sturdier and more aggressive chassis enhances both off-road an on-road capabilities especially cornering at high speeds.

The interior design of the 2016 Dodge Dakota will be revamped, leaving behind the old design and embracing a much more centre-approach where all the console instruments are centered on the driver, giving the truck a much nicer driver experience, an approach that Dodge has adopted in several other of its models. The truck will comfortably seat 5 adults. The interior of this truck has been designed for optimal functionality alongside giving the customer a stylish and comfortable experience. There will be a wide range of business and fun equipment in the cabin. All seats will be adjustable for maximum comfort, with the finest soft leather trims fitted to create a comfortable environment for work and family. Standard features will include air conditioning, a wide high resolution digital alphanumeric display, navigation system, thermometer, compass, ventilation system, heated steering, screen defrosters, Anti-Lock Braking System and a CD player.

2016 Dodge Dakota side

2016 Dodge Dakota Engine

The engine varieties to choose from may still be a bit vague. However, some sources indicate the basic engine model will be a 2.4 liter naturally aspirated inline 4 from Jeep with an output of about 190 horsepower at 182 lb-ft of torque with much better fuel efficiency than its predecessor as well as a smoother ride. The engine may come with a 5 or 6-speed transmission with an option of either rear or all wheel drive and a maximum towing capacity of about 4000 pounds. There will possibly be more engine options to be announced by the car maker later in the year.

Fuel Economy

Dodge Dakota’s goal is to average the truck’s consumption at around 30 mpg combined (around 7.8l / 100 km), subject to engine options that will be available.

2016 Dodge Dakota interior

2016 Dodge Dakota Release Date and Price

The price range of the 2016 Dodge Dakota is expected to be between $40,000 and $60,000 and this particular model is expected to be quite competitive in the mid-sized pickup truck market. The release date is expected to be in early 2016. Competition is expected to be from models such as the 2016 Ford Ranger, the Toyota Tacoma, the Ford F-150 and the Honda Ridgeline.

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