2016 Ford Atlas Price, Engine

The market today demands bigger and luxurious tracks that reflect modern multi-purpose life. Many people seem to move for iconic trucks that reflect the above factors perfectly. Ford F-150 is a perfectly designed vehicle that has been purchased greatly in the recent past in the United States. The new ford atlas 2016 seems to be the improvement of Ford F-150 although it presents new techniques and structure that makes it a perfect design for the future market. This year show of 2016 Ford Atlas brought a clear overview of the look of new generation 2016 trucks. The sample brought had several features that reflect improvement mainly added to gain many markets. Let’s venture in features for you to understand exactly how the new 2016 Ford Atlas vehicles will look like when released into the market.

2016 Ford Atlas front

2016 Ford Atlas Interior and Exterior

The designer of this model concentrated heavily on the interior, and that’s why it will come with a totally new iconic feature that makes it excellent for different users. For instance, both head and leg room spacing is bigger enough to give room for a comfortable journey. The seats will be made from leather and designed to meet better angular positioning to meet the required comfort. Besides that, the designer has come up with a new technique of illumination. On that note, 2016 Ford Atlas interior will be illuminated with blue light. The vehicle will also have 360 degrees camera that is designed and positioned to capture the entire area around the vehicle including the trailer. At the cockpit, this vehicle will have a touch screen responsible for various control activities including mapping. Besides that, the rear seats will also have screens to enable passengers carry out various control activities in the vehicles. 2016 Ford Atlas will also have air conditioning system and modern multimedia devices for relaxation and enjoyment.

2016 Ford Atlas to make the truck lighter, the designers have used a large amount of aluminum in building the body. Besides that, this vehicle has been designed to be more spacious as compared with F-150. It will have five entry systems. This vehicle will also have heavy dynamic grille, huge chrome mask, and double deck headlight.

2016 Ford Atlas rear

2016 Ford Atlas Engine

This vehicle will have four engine options depending on consumers needs. The first engine will be a v6 one. It is a 3.5-liter engine with ability to generate 318 hp of power that can produce 255lb-feet of torque. The second one is a second generation eco-boost v6 engine that can produce 325hp and 375lb-feet of torque. The third type of engine will also be an eco-boost 3.4 liters engine that can produce 360hp of power and 420lb of torque per feet. The final engine will be a 5.0l v8 that can produce 360hp and 380 pounds of torque per feet. This vehicle will have the faster accelerating power that can run up to 60mph from the speed of 0 within 8 seconds. Besides that, it will also come with auto start and stop system.

2016 Ford Atlas interior

2016 Ford Atlas Release Date and Price

It is expected that this vehicle will be released at late 2015 or early 2016. Its prices will range between $21,000 to 51,000 depending on the model and engine type.

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