2016 Ford C-Max PHEV Review, Hybrid

2016 Ford C-Max PHEV for a lot of drivers and even potential owners of hybrid vehicles, the major concern and primary worry has always been getting stuck with a dead battery in the middle of nowhere. This is what has probably kept the people at a hand’s distance from making the switch. However, car makers like Ford have got a solution around this and these are the PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles). They are able to help you run short distances on electricity and for the longer drives, you can then opt for gas. In Europe, it is highly anticipated that the 2016 Ford C-Max PHEV vehicle there will be a Ford C-Max and that is why the 2016 Ford C-Max PHEV is worth some bit of scrutiny.

2016 Ford C-Max PHEV front

2016 Ford C-Max PHEV Engine

For any type of car, the most exciting part is usually the engine and this is more so the case with a PHEV. The 2016 Ford C-Max PHEV comes with a 2.0L direct injection 4 cylinder engine with a front wheel drive train. This is supported by a permanent magnet AC synchronous electric motor that is powered by a 7.6 KWh lithium ion battery. Together, this combo is able to put out 188 horsepower and 129 pounds of torque per foot which is not shabby for a car whose technology is still in the making. Unfortunately, there are no other engine trims that have been mentioned and hence most people might be disappointed by the lack of choice and variety. As you would expect with a PHEV, the 2016 Ford C-Max PHEV comes with quite some impressive numbers that might save you some bucks at the pump. Seating 5, the C-Max is expected to do at least 108 MPG in the city and 92 on the highway. On the extended range fuel efficiency, the C-Max has been rated by the EPA to go for about 44 MPG in the city and 41 on the highway.

2016 Ford C-Max PHEV rear

2016 Ford C-Max PHEV Exterior and Interior

The exterior has remained more or less basic with very little going on. However, the larger headlights and a black grille stand out in the front giving the car a more aggressive look and this is further accented by the crease on the side. The rear lights are also very stand out and both the front and the rear bumpers and door handles all have the body color. The little action outside has been compensated for on the inside. The clutch bucket front seats are expected to be fitted with a material with LCD screens fitted to the dashboard though the size of these is still in the dark. A keyless entry may finally be in the final make. To make driving even easier, the car might come with cruise control as well.

2016 Ford C-Max PHEV interior

2016 Ford C-Max PHEV Price and Release Date

The date of release is yet to be announced but this should be in the last quarter of 2015 or the first quarter of 2016. Even though the price is also not very well documented, riding on what the previous models have accrued, it is expected that the Ford C-Max PHEV might cost around $28,000.

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