2016 Ford Focus RS Sport, Performance

The 2016 Ford Focus RS is in the pipeline for release at the Geneva Motor Show in 2015. Nevertheless, it is one of the motoring world’s worst kept secrets with its design, power, handling and balance already on every enthusiast’s lips. An improvement on the Ford Focus ST, the new machine outperforms its predecessor in every imaginable way.

2016 Ford Focus RS front

2016 Ford Focus RS Exterior and Interior

The sleek hatchback sports machine has a design that is completely streamlined. The front has a rounded off tip, and by looking at it, one can almost feel air flowing seamlessly around it. Its four doors look a little contrived, since the first impression it creates is that of two-door car. But it has the four doors all the same, with a hatchback end and spoiler at the back. The low wheel base gives it the stability it deserves, in case of a puncture, since it is an extremely fast sports machine. The wide sports wheels also add to its stability and grip.

Inside it there are well designed Recaro seats that augment its sporting prowess. The three spoke steering wheel has a design allowing the driver to peek through to the dashboard gauges. Moreover, it has an LCD screen capable of all the functions one expects in a modern car. The neat cloth and leather finish make it a very attractive place to be in.

2016 Ford Focus RS rear

2016 Ford Focus RS Engine

The Ford Focus RS packs a 2.3 liter Ecoboost turbo four, 320 horsepower engine; with 320 pound-feet of torque. The engine is linked to a six-speed manual gear system, thus the driver gets to select his own gear. The rear has a twin exhaust system that controls its roar to ear friendly levels. The car has a unique all wheel drive technology, with a torque vectoring system that can transmit all the power to one wheel when necessary. This reduces waste of energy on unnecessary revolutions by a tire without grip. Consequently, the energy is focused on power and speed which are the main objectives of designing the car.

2016 Ford Focus RS interior

2016 Ford Focus RS New

When it finally hits the market, the powerful new 2016 Ford Focus RS will take in most motoring enthusiasts, especially those who love fast sports cars. Moreover, it will offer new intriguing features such as the torque vectoring, all wheel drive system whose performance will be of great interest to manufacturers and drivers as alike. Though it is not a totally new phenomenon, since it is preceded by the ST and Mustang, many will want to experience what it has to offer for themselves.

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