2016 Ford Ranger Performance, Changes

2016 Ford Ranger trucks have always been high quality and powerful. With many engine options for fuel economy. Ford Ranger has been taken as a work machine and many people have loved its performance. A new Ford Ranger is coming. The 2016 Ford Ranger is a great truck with great power and elegance. The truck aims to remedy the complains launched towards earlier models to make it better. There has been lots of criticism on the F150 which is why Ford gets this all new Ford Ranger.

2016 Ford Ranger front2016 Ford Ranger Engine

The Ford Ranger will be a great addition to the Ford Series. It is expected to be powered with a 3.2 L diesel engine which comes handy in fuel economy. It is 10% smaller compared to Ford F150 which makes it even greater and more marketable. This fuel-efficient truck can handle way over 30 MPG. Though the F150 with its 2.7 L Ecoboost V6 is great in fuel economy, it is still larger than most people need. To this end, the smaller and inexpensive Ford Ranger comes in. Another engine option will be the 2.7 L Ecoboost V6 to mirror the F150. The former will enable the Ford tow a train locomotive. It is built on Atlas Platform.

2016 Ford Ranger rear

2016 Ford Ranger Exteriors and Interiors

There will be no much changes on the outside look. However, the car will be smaller and made with lightweight materials aimed at improving its performance. It will feature high-rate aluminum and steel. The LED tail and head lights will still remain but the grille will come in an all new design. The headlights will however have a sharper look. The modern day lines which lacks in the outgoing models will give the car a great and elegant look.
Some interior features of the previous 2016 Ford Ranger will remain but complete new products will also be added. Features like satellite navigation, infotainment, automatic climate control, electrical front seats and premium audio system will remain. It will have more comfortable seats and updated functions. The auto will be the most secure in the series and will carry 1000 pounds cargo making it the best pick-up truck in its class.

2016 Ford Ranger interior

2016 Ford Ranger Release Date and Price

There is no official communication about the release dates and the price of the 2016 Ford Ranger. However, the car may be launched early or mid 2016 Ranger. The auto’s base model will retail for about $20,000 which will be a fair price for the great features. The car has been seen testing in the US for two times which means it may be launched earlier than we think.

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