2016 Ford Territory Changes, Performance

The 2016 Ford Territory has been one of the leading brands of Ford Australia. Although it is expected that the Ford Territory will now be manufactured in Canada, the Ford Motor Company has been one of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers for decades. The 2016 Ford Territory is expected to be a little different from its predecessors. However, most of the changes are interior; there are some exterior changes that are still observable.

2016 Ford Territory front

2016 Ford Territory Engine & Performance

Ford Territory comes in two broad categories, which are the petrol and diesel models. Both models come with six cylinder engines with a minimum power of 195 kilowatts. The six-speed automatic transmission has been preserved in the new model with reduced Co2 emission for both models. The Territory is also available in either an all-wheel drive or a rear-wheel drive version.

2016 Ford Territory side

2016 Ford Territory Interior and Exterior

The interior is better spruced up than its predecessors making it more comfortable to drive or cruise with. A reversing camera combined with front and rear-parking sensors makes it more comfortable for the driver to park especially on parallel spaces. The car comes with an emergency assistance system that provides the vehicles location and calls emergency services in case of a serious crash.

The car’s exterior is quite remarkable. The new model comes with bigger 18-inch alloy wheels and sports suspension. The car comes with a new front fascia, which makes the vehicle look more elegant than its rivals or its predecessors. The new skid plate motif also adds some allure to the vehicle without forgetting the fog light nacelles and grille. The most remarkable change in terms of entertainment comes in the form of the SYNC2 infotainment technology. The system controlled through an eight-inch high-resolution color screen makes cruising in the Territory very comforting. The system comes with voice command recognition, climate control, and satellite navigation. The system will easily warm the car, or look for a parking space using simple commands.

2016 Ford Territory interior

2016 Ford Territory Price

Depending on the model and specifications, you can get your own 2016 Ford Territory from between $48,000 to $58,000. According to industry sources and company officials, the new model should be available in the market before the end of October. However, this can always change depending on company plans. The new Ford Territory is a great purchase because it is a multipurpose vehicle. In addition, in case there is need you can easily convert the Territory to a seven-seater. Unfortunately, the vehicle may not be available for the long run and in some cases; the voice recognition system does not always work perfectly.

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