2016 Honda Civic Price, Fuel Economy

The 2016 Honda Civic is a bright and brand new model offering of the Honda Motor Company Ltd. It is the culmination of a long line of Civic models that was introduced to North America in 1972. The 2016 model is the 10th generation of Honda Civics to hit the shores of North America, and it is heralding to be quite a hit.

2016 Honda Civic front

2016 Honda Civic Price

First manufactured as a subcompact, the Honda Civic has gone through a significant metamorphosis gaining a solid reputation as a reliable and fuel efficient car. Today the Civic is looked at, as a solid and sporty, fun car to drive. The Honda Civics’ reputation can certainly be held up by the car sales in North America, where it has been the number one seller for 14 years, and with the introduction of the 2016 Honda Civic, the expectation is the positive reputation driving sales will remain. The 2016 Honda Civic was unveiled at the New York International Auto Show, April 3, 2015, as a completely new model that was going to deliver a sporty look and feel and be fun to drive. It is anticipated that the 2016 model will be available at the dealers in late 2015. The base price for the Honda Civic is expected to be in the $17,000 range, moving up quickly as fancy interior options and possibly the larger 2.0 liter VTEC engine are added.

2016 Honda Civic rear

2016 Honda Civic Engine

The Honda Civic will be fitted with a turbocharged 1.5 liter i-VTEC engine. The standard transmission will be a 6-speed manual shift, and a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) will be available as an upgrade. The CVT is a single speed and gearless transmission that changes seamlessly through the gear ratios for a much smoother and quieter operations. It is suggested that some models of the Civic may be available in a normally aspirated engine and for super performance, a 2.0 liter version of the i-VTEC may also be available. The VTEC engine will deliver great fuel efficiency, allowing the Honda Civic to hold onto its reputation for fuel efficiency and eco-friendly.

2016 Honda Civic interior

2016 Honda Civic Interior and Exterior

The Honda Civic will receive a complete redesign of the interior. Photos show a very sleek and ergonomically cockpit design, with leather bucket seats and a wide array of bells and whistles. It is expected that the Honda Civic will come standard with air conditioning, and a great sound system.

The exterior design will follow somewhat the design of the Civic Hatchback, giving it long, low and sleek lines. The front design will embody the best from the Civic Type R model, incorporating LED lighting, a stylish bumper, and new windshield design. All in all, the Honda Civic will be a striking sporty vehicle, holding up the image of a sporty and fun car to drive.

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