2016 Honda Odyssey New, Changes

The 2016 Honda Odyssey, the future of mini-van which has been in production since the mid 90’s. It will rehash with some significant changes, since its predecessor is from way back in 2012. The 2016 Honda Odyssey has gone through four great generations, and now they are looking forward to make it quite big heading into the 5th generation.

2016 Honda Odyssey front

2016 Honda Odyssey Interior and Exterior

Although the interior layout of the car was raved at, Honda Odyssey is still going to bring some major changes to the table. The spacious interior will include comfortable calf skin trimmed material seats. 2016 Honda Odyssey would include 8 seating arrangement in three rows, two of the front seats can be adjusted to max due to its spaciousness. The instrument board and focus stack pander huge capacity compartment within the minivan. It also includes an 8-inch TFT screen with 2 GB of space for route maps. 650 watt framework and 16.2 inch wide screen stimulation framework will include on the top level. Additionally, Odyssey will also be offering an in-car vacuum cleaner.

On the exterior, it will be amazingly refined. The weight of the car is expected to be cut out to give it an absolute new look. This will not just give it a much better look than its predecessor, but their original idea is to make this car much more efficient and effective in fuel control. The wheel base of the car will be wider to space up in the cabin. The front of the car features LED headlights and grille with modified bumpers. The windows on the back will be singled with the ones on the front for a better look.

2016 Honda Odyssey rear

2016 Honda Odyssey Engine and Fuel Economy

The 2016 version of Honda Odyssey will equip up to 3.5 liter of V6 motor with 248 HP and 250 lb feet of torque, additionally the base model is designed in cutting edge style. Yet it would not surprise the audience, if Honda opts in to fuse more modest 4 barrel turbocharged motor merely as another alternative to cover up. The gearbox is said to remain same. The fuel efficiency in the project discussed will increase up to 10%, with decreased CO2 emissions.

2016 Honda Odyssey interior

2016 Honda Odyssey Release Date and Price

The up and coming car of Honda’s price, that is about to be on road, may cost anywhere around $35,000. However, top models can drive the cost up to $47,000 (In approx). The Honda Odyssey would hit the showrooms anywhere between the fall of 2015 and possibly in the early 2016. With tad too many changes, Honda Odyssey is all set to give their 2016 version car a typical 5th generation look.

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