2016 KIA Carens Change, Price

The KIA Carens has been in production since the year 2013; however, it has not been the main interest for car buyers. The Carens has been in competition with other MPVs available in the market. The low purchase of the model over the years lead the manufacturers to come up with the 2016 new model of KIA Carens that is set to change the views of the buyers. The car will come with top of the line electronic systems, the latest in automotive manufacturing technology, the best interiors for comfort and style and it comes with two engine options. Below is a brief review of the 2016 KIA Carens.

2016 KIA Carens front

2016 KIA Carens Engine 

The car has two engine options the first is a 1.6-liter capable of producing 132 horsepower. The second option is a 2.0-liter variant capable of 150 horsepower. The two engines are equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission, with a diesel or petrol option. The 2-liter variant can cover 24 kilometers in the city and 34 on the highway. The KIA Carens is a heavy car but despite that, its performance is exceptional.

2016 KIA Carens rear

2016 KIA Carens Interior and Exterior

The automotive manufacturer has done its best to make the Carens stylish and practical enabling it to stand out from its competitors. The car maintains its grille however it comes with LED lighting systems throughout the car. The car’s interior has been designed to match its stylish looks. It is equipped with a high-performance sound system for entertaining while on the road. The seats are made up of the finest leather; the interior has also been designed with extra room. The seven-seater has enough legroom for a comfortable ride for all, and the seats on the back row can be folded for extra luggage space. The dashboard is equipped with a touchscreen and a navigation system in some models.

The car is fitted with an LED system to enhance visibility at night. The 2016 Carens is also fitted with a rear camera for easy reversing. For ease in parking, a parking assist system and the camera come into play to enable parking without any damages to the car.

2016 KIA Carens interior

2016 KIA Carens Price and Release Date

he 2016 KIA Carens is expected in the first quarter of next year. The MPV comes with its first in class seven years guarantee. The expected price of the car is set at about 28000 dollars for the standard production unit. The above briefly describes the new model KIA however more information can be gathered online or from your local car dealer.

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