2016 Land Rover Defender will set new standards in the world of SUV’s

For some time, there was no news of launch of 2016 Land Rover Defender until recent times. According to rumors, this new model will not be completely based on DC100 concept but will incorporate so its parts. In this article you will come to every single detail of this car.2016 Land Rover Defender Front

2016 Land Rover Defender Exterior

According to sources, 2016 Land Rover Defender will have a design which has been inspired by design in its older models but it won’t look anywhere near to those. The model reading name Defender has to look rough and tough and bold from outside. So, designers just had to maintained that basic characteristics and just use more sharper and brighter colors. Task of designing this car wasn’t easy for the designers as they had to basic design intact and implement new things in order to give a futuristic look. It is going to have 11 platforms like hard top, station wagon, dual cab pick up and pick up along with 9 core body styles. With all such components it is to be seen that how attractive vehicle becomes.

2016 Land Rover Defender Interior

It’s hard to say every detail about interior of 2016 Land Rover Defender but some estimation can be made. As per assumptions, not too much attention has been given to its interiors as things will be kept quite simple in order to lessen manufacturing cost. Stadium seats will be present which will give a clear view. 3 point safety harness is installed for full protection. Style and Luxury hasn’t been made priority instead usefulness of cabin has been looked into.

Higher quality trims will also be present along with other technological advancements. Dual zone climate control inside vehicle, navigation system, central console screen, audio system, etc are somethings that you will always find.

2016 Land Rover Defender Side

2016 Land Rover Defender Engine system

2016 Land Rover Defender or similar SUV’s got to have engine which can provide durability along with performance and power. Reports say that this automobile is going to have a 2 liter four cylinder turbo charged engine system under its hood. Others say that it may have a more powerful engine namely a 3 liter super charged V6 engine system. Even a diesel version is expected but doubts are high on hybrid one.

Transmission and others

Such engine system has to be mated with a 6 speed auto and manual transmission system and is going 12 forward gears. A combo like this will surely give you a driving experience like no other you have ever experienced no matter how bad condition of road is. It is also accompanied by ABS system along with Dynamic stability control and electronic traction control in order to provide you a safe and secured drive.

2016 Land Rover Defender Rear

2016 Land Rover Defender Price and Release date

As per DC100 concept modulated by Land Rover, 2016 Defender will be more affordable and cheap compared to other similar cars. This was not at all expected. It’s estimated to have a base price of above $30,000. Unless and until any announcements are made regarding some changes in company’s plans, two years from now, 2016 Land Rover Defender is to be launched.

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