2016 Land Rover Discovery is one car everyone should watch out for

2016 Land Rover Discovery is actually a sport type vehicle. This new model is much smaller but faster than other such automobiles. It will be present with a completely new design but will have similarity with Discovery vision concept. Its powerful and economic engine system along with perfect transmission system and advance AWD system makes Discovery very dynamic. In this article, you will get to everything about this machine.

2016 Land Rover Discovery Front

2016 Land Rover Discovery Exterior Design

2016 Land Rover Discovery has more of a sleek and round design both which makes it quite a handsome vehicle. Its overall size is very compact and taut when compared to its pervious models. This new model looks similar to the Evoque in design and size. This company is trying to inject its best designs in each and every of its future models including this one in order attract customers all around world.

Its frontal part is a little more curved and much softer than earlier models. Such designing is instrumental in adding a futuristic feel to this car as well as enhances senses of speed and performance. A new mesh grille is complimented by HID headlights which has an interesting running LED lamps which are step up in circular manner having distinctive points on them. Rear lights are quite slim with wraparound style which helps combining car’s design.

2016 Land Rover Discovery Interior

2016 Land Rover Discovery Interior Design

Though much is said of outer appearance but those who follow new Land Rover Discovery knows that real magic and surprises lies inside this vehicle. It will have a compact cabin footprint like all other 5 seat vehicles but surprise is that it has three rows giving 5+2 seats which are quite amazing. Undermining the SUV characteristics of this vehicle, its interior is seriously luxurious.

Features like leather with twin needle stitching, lighting as per mood, classy metal trim interior, dual zone climate control, etc all make cabin space of this automobile quite amazing. Moreover, you can create more space inside it and it even has cup holders and storage bins.

2016 Land Rover Discovery Rear

2016 Land Rover Discovery Engine System

2016 Land Rover Discovery is to have a 2.0 liter four cylinder engine under its hood which is capable of generating about 240 HP and 250 pound feet of torque. This engine system is to be mated with a ZF 9 speed auto transmission. All this will be completed by rotating shift knob which rises from dash.

Engine system of 2016 Discovery helps it accelerate from 0 to 60 in about 7.8 seconds. It also amazing top speed of 124 mph.

Development or building of 2016 Land Rover Discovery has been done keeping in mind modern automobile requirements. HSS (high strength steel) and aluminum which combined with very strong boron makes its body extremely strong but very light.

2016 Land Rover Discovery Price

2016 Land Rover Discovery is estimated to have a base price around $37,995 which very cheap when compared with prices of other models in this family. It is said to have second lowest base price in this family.

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