2016 Lexus IS Released, Review

Cars are becoming a basic commodity in life. With new and upcoming models, there is a variety to choose from. The 2016 Lexus IS is one of the newest models from the Lexus series of cars. This is the third model to be brought to the market with a myriad of advantages, the 2016 Lexus IS a great investment for anybody who is looking into purchasing a car. It is comfortable, efficient and cost effective.

2016 Lexus IS front

2016 Lexus IS New

The car is designed to be a convertible more or less like its counterpart from the sports sedan family. With a 2-door design, it also has a smooth bumper and circular exhausts pipe. In addition to these the tail lights are made to complement these great look. The interior of the car is something to die for. Leather seats with the front seats ventilated and heated guarantees of comfort. It comes with a rounded off dashboard and a 7 -inch touch screen for both the driver and passengers to view. Additional features include a navigator and Bluetooth. It is designed to be lighter than the other Lexus models released.

2016 Lexus IS side

2016 Lexus IS Engine

The heart of every car is its engine. The 2016 Lexus IS is fitted with a 4 cylinder, 2.0 liters and 200t turbocharged engine. This is better and has more power compared to its counterpart the IS 350 with the V6, 2.5 liters engine. This type of engine guarantees more power and comes with an 8 -speed gearbox with drive focused on the rear wheels. The 4-cylinder, 2-exhaust pipes model is good for the purpose of saving fuel. This model is efficient and fuel consumption is low as the Direct injection 4 Stroke Gasoline (D4ST) is incorporated into the engine system to ensure reduced fuel consumption and more power. This engine is expected to match that of the NX 200t though with a better rating in terms of fuel economy. Its feature of top speed of up to 100kmh/h in 7 seconds, with minimal fuel consumption is really attractive.

2016 Lexus IS interior

2016 Lexus IS Release Date and Price

It is not known when this model will be released to the market but it is anticipated that it will be on sale in Europe by the end of 2015, ready to battle it out with its competitors the Audi A5 series. By approximation based on the various forms available, the pricing for this model should be between $43,000 and $50,000. With all its enumerated advantages, it is truly value for your money and an investment worth making.

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