2016 Lexus LF-SA Exterior, Interior

2016 Lexus LF-SA Is a luxurious three-door car with 2+2 seating, sub compact-sized city car with a body that blurs the lines between small coupes, crossovers and hatchbacks. Lexus the overall length is just over 11 feet. It retains a firm trademark pinched with a spindle grille and LED signature of light.

2016 Lexus LF-SA front

2016 Lexus LF-SA Exterior

It was designed by Lexus designers who had the ability to keep the LF-SA Concept’s exterior dimensions of 1.7 meters width and 1.4 meters height and 3.4 meters length. It is also made of a compact loading that enables car swiftness and agility. LF-SA model has modern look that makes buyers to really yearn for it, the Lexus piddle grille and headlight system also improves the quality of the car. The wheels of Lexus LF-SA are pushed as outside as possible to provide even more space on the model. Great sculpted body’s surfaces cast different types of shadows depending on the viewing angles and time of day. Lexus trademark signatures such as the arrowhead motif are evident throughout the rear design.

2016 Lexus LF-SA rear

2016 Lexus LF-SA Interior

The Interior design offers enough space on the inside. The key identity is that the designers have manipulated lightness, for instance in the sweeping dashboard, that adds more stability and adds on the width of the cabin. In most common city vehicles they can carry only one person at time, and having the 2, 2 cabin layouts gives clear advantage. Driver’s seat in LF-SA is always fixed and steering pedals and wheels can be adjusted thus brings the car under driver’s control. The passenger seats are adjustable also, with sliding function.

The high technology infotainment system has a 3D-style of presentation of shapes. Generally this is a good display incorporated in to the instruments’ binnacle and a wide head up-angle in the car. The 2016 Lexus LF-SA has a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline powertrain with 238 hp and 258 lb-ft or 350 Nm of torque. The company of Lexus originally premiered the Concept LF-SA at the Geneva Auto Show, but seems like only one year later, officials decided to launch production version of the model.

2016 Lexus LF-SA interior

2016 Lexus LF-SA Release date and Price

The Lexus LF-SA Will be released in first quarter of 2016 between May and June, at a price of $20.000.

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