2016 Lexus TX- the upcoming cousin of Lexus RX

Lexus is an automobile company that has a well known reputation of providing luxury as well as sports car, both having measured qualities of each other. But, unfortunately it lacked in production of seven-seat crossover. The high demand of its customers has encouraged production house to build a seven-seat crossover for first time, 2016 Lexus TX. With this model, the company is creating a history in its own line of production. As Lexus is well famous for its power train, comfort and style, it is evident that the new 2016 Lexus TX is going to be one of the most promising futuristic seven seat crossover of the millennia.

2016 Lexus TX Front

2016 Lexus TX Appearance:

It was a great confusion to the customers whether TX would be out in market. But, according to sources, the company has confirmed the production of its newest model, the 2016 Lexus TX.

It will follow the same platform as Toyota Highlander and would be inspired by Lexus RX. Or in other words, we can say that TX would be a larger and modified version of RX. Having mentioned that, it is clear that being a seven-seat crossover; it would have an extended chassis and much space than that of RX.

Along with the alteration in chassis, exterior would have a face lift and would have an aggressive yet placid appearance. The contemporary design along with technological advancement would set the car in a high standard.

2016 Lexus TX Rear

2016 Lexus TX Exterior and Interior Specs:

Although much detail is still a mystery about this car, a lot of speculations have arisen in the market already. As it is being crafted on the footprints of RX, so some features are obvious.

Sources state that new 2016 Lexus TX would have sharp edged headlights wit small oval shaped fog lamps in the front bumper. Five thick spokes of alloy would form each alloy wheel for the car.

Thick horizontal chrome bars will form Grille on which the Lexus emblem will be imprinted with all its glory and dignity. The dimensions of 2016 Lexus TX would be higher than the RX. The car would be given a dominant look with fluid body lines.

Keeping customers’ demand in mind of a seven seat crossover, third row sitting arrangement will be introduced in the car, the last row consisting of 2 seats. Seats would be advanced with power lumbar adjustment for better comfort. The leathered steering wheel would be equipped with multi-informational switch.

The interior is expected to contain adjustable lights in the cabin. A 7 inch Display Audio System would be installed to provide the entire driver’s required information, along with a rear view camera.

The car would be installed with 12 speaker Lexus Premium Audio System. USB/iPod and Bluetooth connectivity is also likely to be installed along with Sirius XM Satellite Radio System.

2016 Lexus TX Side

2016 Lexus TX Power train and Transmission:

It is being believed that the power train of 2016 Lexus TX would be the same as that of Lexus RX, but the power output is most likely to be enhanced. The car can have 3.5 litres i-Vtech SOHC V6 engine capable of creating 290 HP and 267 Lb-ft of torque. It is believed that a transmission of 6 or 8 speed automatic gear systems is to be installed. If true, the engine can reach 60 mph from rest in just 8 seconds and would deliver a top speed of 135 mph. With this configuration, the car is expected to provide a fuel efficiency of 30 miles per gallon.

2016 Lexus TX Price and Release Date:

According to sources, the makers of 2016 Lexus TX have marked a price of $ 60,000. However, the critics are eagerly waiting to put the car on tracks and test it to their satisfaction. Overall, this new product from Lexus would surely create history and a respectable place i the market of seven-seat crossovers.

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