2016 Lincoln Navigator Redesigned, Changes

The 2007 Lincoln Navigator has been getting minor changes and upgrades over the last few years. Nothing major or mind-blowing has happened in terms of the cars overall look and performance. However, the new 2016 Lincoln Navigator is a basketful of changes and new design changes. The interior of the car has come to age with a number of improvements in terms of technology and general look, it has a new design and the car is looking slimmer than ever.

2016 Lincoln Navigator front

2016 Lincoln Navigator Redesigned

The 2016 Lincoln Navigator will adopt the aluminum body and aluminum body panels that will help the SUV weigh almost 700 pounds lighter than its predecessor. The car will have a new and redesigned grille, a full width tail light and a single outlet exhaust pipe as one of the few general outlook changes that the car will have.

2016 Lincoln Navigator rear

2016 Lincoln Navigator Inside

Inside the cabin one will have premium leather seats with heating and cooling capabilities, an 11 speaker sound system that will have you enjoying your favorite tunes, a Mylincoln infontainment that will have you enjoying your favorite videos and at the same time help you with your navigation, a digitized speedometer with two screens, a tri-zone climate control system, meaning the second row passengers share a set of climate controls, and an eight passenger capacity. The car has more than enough leg room for the driver and the passenger. The cargo room is also well spaced and can store a number of things. The new and improved design system that is based on the 2015 Ford F-150, is a breath of fresh air not only in terms of the general design, but also overall handling, performance and gas efficiency.

2016 Lincoln Navigator interior

2016 Lincoln Navigator Engine 

Its predecessor has a 5.4 litre Triton V8 engine while the 2016 variant will have a hybrid 3.6 litre EcoBoost v6 engine that will definitely reduce the fuel consumption. This will in turn make the vehicle one of the most economical SUVs in the market and it would be hard for anyone to say no such perfection. The car will be fitted with a one of a kind 10 speed automatic transmission, and the engine will produce 370 horsepower and 430 ponds-ft of torque. This means the car will have more torque than its predecessor and thanks to the smaller engine, it will be lighter. The 2016 Lincoln Navigator Engine is a powerful engine that will deliver in terms of both power and fuel efficiency, the best of both worlds if you ask me.

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