2016 Mercedes E-Class New, Price

The 2016 Mercedes E-class will be overhauled for the 2016 model in a bid to revive sales and also boosting its appeal. The new car will mix substance and style, pack brand engines, overflow with space age gadgets, and spawn sports car and a 7-seater. Here`s all the juicy stuff about the 2016 Mercedes E-class:

2016 Mercedes E-Class front

2016 Mercedes E-Class Exterior and Interior

The new 2016 Mercedes E-Class will spawn a CLS 4-door coupe, plus 2-door coupe and soft-top versions. Unlike the current E-class 2 doors that are based on C-class mechanicals, the model will offer more space and all those gadgets. The model has a new platform that unlocks sportier proportions. It is lower, wider, has shorter overhangs despite having a longer wheelbase, headroom and less load space. Its look resembles the C-class and S-class with chunkier bumpers, lower grille and 4 LED lights. Mercedes is keen in restoring its reputation for creating a gold standard in the cabin quality. The new E- class will build on the S-class and further unleash a host of new features. It has 2 full size color monitors that handle its complexity with the screening images of your hand so as to help you in using the controlling touchpad without necessarily looking down. The sat-nav guides you via real images while the window tints adjusts so as to suit the varying privacy needs. The new model also has surface heating that eliminates some air vents.

The E-class will drip with amazing gadgets. Its head up display incorporates an augmented reality that relays information about the surrounding. The next step in autonomous driving will be the auto ban mode that will make the car drive up to 80mph. the ride refinement and magic body control will be spectacular with cameras spy undulations and car hydraulically adjusting the damping so as to dial out bumps.

2016 Mercedes E-Class rear

2016 Mercedes E-Class Engine

Mercedes is ditching the V6 for in line sixes which were last used in 1999. This is to boost efficiency which slightly copies the BMW`s approach that pairs cylinders of around 500cc to create in line 3, 4 or 6 cylinder power packs as required. Diesel and petrol 4`s and 6`s are able to share 60% of all the parts thus cutting the cost for about 35%. The petrol six ranges from 200bhp to 400bhp. The engine has turbocharged 4`s, power base cars, coupled to 6-speed manual boxes with a 9-speed auto option. The diesel 6 will top 300bhp in the top spec. Mercedes is plotting 2 plug-in hybrid modules that will boost power by either 110bhp or 80bhp to supplement the engine. These are not just about power so you should expect a thirty-mile zero emissions range. A mild hybrid potion will also be available with 40bhp and a 3-mile range. Coupling the sixes and e-motors provides a decent performance enabling petrol V8s to survive. The expected E63 AMG will run a 4.0 liter while packing around 553lb ft and 600bhp of torque.

2016 Mercedes E-Class interior

2016 Mercedes E-Class Price

The 2016 Mercedes E-Class will arrive in early 2015 as a 2016 model so as to rival the BMW X6. The car will price around $50 000 when it gets the green light.

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