2016 Mercedes ML Price, New

The 2016 Mercedes ML is a car model that is simply to “die for” for those who believe in SUVs and all things luxury with respect to cars. This new model has magnificent features that make it a very smooth drive thus compiling both luxury and performance. The exterior is more of an upgrade from the previous Mercedes models with a new well rounded headlight and a somewhat different rear as well. The 2016 Mercedes ML is not just an SUV, but rather ‘the SUV’.

2016 Mercedes ML front

2016 Mercedes ML Exterior and Interior

The most impressive thing about this 2016 Mercedes ML is the exterior design. Ordinarily, we expect the Mercedes designs to be predictable in terms of the outlook and finish but this particular model is full of impressive twists in the Mercedes tale. First, it has a four bar grille that looks perfect with the new headlights. The Mercedes logo is then engraved in a much bolder manner than in all the previous models, and there is yet another aesthetic surprise with the air intakes that are just below the bumper at the front. This car seems to be a hybrid of so many other designs including the BMW and the S-Class Mercedes. They also come with a new set of LED back lights with a metallic lower down that give the car the famous boot lip look.

The car’s interior has a beautiful design that incorporates new impressive entertainment systems and larger screens that are certainly of German origins. The car also comes with a touch sensitive controller that makes it a very convenient drive, making it one of the most considerate SUV designs in the market. Considering that it is the car of the future, the Mercedes ML spots the design of a car that needs to show class without compromising on the comfort and safety of the people in it.

2016 Mercedes ML side

2016 Mercedes ML Performance

The engine is predictably high end and a perfect match to the famous Porsche Cayenne. This means that among other things, the 2016 Mercedes ML new engine has a three liter direct injection that will give the car a horsepower of up to 329 and a 354 pound-feet torque. The ML400 engine here is also rather similar to the SL400 in terms of output and has a 9-speed automatic gear transmission unlike the previous variations that had the 7G Tronic gear speed automatic transmission.

2016 Mercedes ML interior

2016 Mercedes ML Price and Release

With an approximate price of up to $40,000 this car is one of the most practical and yet exceedingly beautiful cars on the planet. The release date is set for some time in spring. The glossy finish, the metallic lower down, the famous boot lip and the impressive ML400 engine are just but a few perks that you will enjoy in the 2016 ML. The car is set to transform the SUV market for good.

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