2016 Mercedes MLC Sport, New

Mercedes Benz, the leading German auto manufacturer, offers buyers the latest development in the stunning brand name of sedans, the 2016 Mercedes MLC. This new model vehicle has an individual distinctive category and it has been designed with the ability to continue to be separated in the existence of strong competitors, such as Audi and BMW. This new model sedan is the recent blend over pattern from the personal ML categorization of Mercedes Benz. In reality, the new MLC has the design of a sport utility vehicle, with the wonderfully crafted and splendid look.

2016 Mercedes MLC front

2016 Mercedes MLC Exterior and Interior

The exterior look of the 2016 Mercedes MLC is affected not just by the Principle Coupe. The new model sedan comes with a unique roofline and completely redesigned body shape. Naturally, the special front face with a big grille and air consumption as well as a big Mercedes-Benz star at the hub, will not leave any doubt regarding the brand name, design and tradition that this sport utility vehicle is delighted about. The exterior of the new MLC has a different style that offers a gorgeous look to the vehicle. The exterior look of the vehicle is further enhanced by the sloping hood and roofline. The new model sedan comes with an elongated wheelbase when compared to its total body length, huge wheels and with an increased ground clearance.

The manufacturer has not offered much improvement to the interior of the 2016 Mercedes MLC. It comes with the same interior features of its predecessor. However, the new model sedan’s general new look may convey some refreshments, connecting to the indoor decoration and general cabin feel.

2016 Mercedes MLC side

2016 Mercedes MLC Engine

The 2016 Mercedes comes with both diesel and petrol engines, such as a V8, 3.5-liter petrol engine, a 3.0-liter turbo diesel engine, a V8, 4.6-liter twin-turbo, a V8, 5.5-liter twin-turbo engine. In addition to these engines, a V6, 3.5-liter hybrid engine will equip the hybrid model of the M-Class Coupe. This engine will be capable of producing a maximum power output of 240 HP. The power output of the remaining engines is not known and it will be revealed only after releasing the new Mercedes MLC. However, one thing is certain that these engines will offer the new sedan a higher performance and fuel efficiency when compared to those of its predecessor.

2016 Mercedes MLC interior

2016 Mercedes MLC  Price and Release Date

As the price and the release date of the Mercedes MLC has not been disclosed by the manufacturer, it is expected that the new model sedan will be available for sale during the last quarter of 2015. Regarding its price, there are signs that it will certainly be close or something approximately $70,000 for the base version and it may go up to $ 90,000 according to optional features.

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