2016 Mini Clubman Exterior, Interior

The new most rumored 2016 Mini Clubman is going to be one iconic auto designed in Britain. It will feature a completely unique design in its chassis. Much is anticipated for this model as it is going to hit the market once again in full swing specifically all the family-oriented buyers. Perhaps, it is one compact and premium class model that undoubtedly remains one of the generationally fit choices.

2016 Mini Clubman front

2016 Mini Clubman Exterior and Interior

A small rear-hinged door on the passenger side is one of the notable features in this truck. This new model conforms to the traditional model in terms of its side doors. The two barn doors available in the previous model will be retained in this model. Its wheelbase is going to remain at 105.1 by 79.6 inches enough to give this model sufficient stability when flying at high speeds. It is one noticeable model bumped with great, nice features to enhance styling with performance. Paint colors for this truck include melting silver, pure burgundy, white and silver, lap luxury blue and black. The Mini Clubman also comes with 16 to 17-inch alloy wheels and is expected to enhance the performance of this truck.

For the interior side of this model are dash wraps situated around the doors, air conditioning as well as 8.8-inch touch screen display system. There is also the customizable ambient lighting system in the interior part to spice up the comfort of its occupants. Heated interiors coupled with leather upholstery will make you sum up a travel experience as fantastic. Other binnacle features noticed in the interiors of this truck include automatic air conditioning, park distance control system as well as comfort access.

2016 Mini Clubman side

2016 Mini Clubman Engine 

Under the hoods of this truck is a powerful 3 cylinders 1.5-liter engine capable of providing up to 134 horsepower. This implies that it is capable of tent-flying up to 62 mph in only 9 seconds. Moreover, the six-speed manual transmission gearbox is available and the automatic one will be optional too. This truck is thus expected to remain one of the heroes with reliable road performance.

2016 Mini Clubman interior

 2016 Mini Clubman Release Date and Price

New 2016 Mini Clubman is expected to be released and announce in September this year. It will be available to most of the auto showrooms come early days of January 2016 and will be available for sale. Its trading price will start at 19,995 pounds. It is expected to attract the attention of most buyers as well as remain the best choice for reliable performance.

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