2016 Subaru Exiga New, Release Date

The new 2016 Subaru Exiga is a new Subaru model car expected to have unique features that will make it stand out among other cars. The release is awaited by many people who love driving comfortable and classic cars. It is a good looking car with a very powerful engine making it have high performance.

2016 Subaru Exiga front

2016 Subaru Exiga New

One virtue that makes the new 2016 Subaru Exiga to stand out is that it will be available in two different front grilles. Buyers can be able to choose the grille of their choice depending on their preferences. Chrome plated contour would enhance its looks making it gorgeous. On the front of the car, there will be large air intakes that will enable the engine to have air circulation. The car will also have high LED headlights useful while driving at night of in places with poor visibility. There will be a blue-tinted lens in the middle of the lights to offer depth viewing for the driver. Powerful fog lights will reduce the reflective light while driving in rainy places.

The car will be available in eight different colors with its dimension measuring 474cm length, 177.5cm width, 166cm height and a wheelbase of 275cm.The seats in the vehicle will have the capacity to hold seven passengers comfortably. Inside the vehicle, there will be decorative insets with a horizontal flowing pattern that will be from the center of the cabin to the door trim. LED light will be installed on the center tray and some of the foot areas. A big touch screen will be placed on the cabin to notify the driver of the performance of the features of the vehicle. Connectivity will include Wi-Fi, navigation and wireless Bluetooth to help the driver use the hand free phone.

2016 Subaru Exiga side

2016 Subaru Exiga Engine

The car will have various options, and one of them is the 2 liter DOHC engine that will have the ability to produce a torque of 191 feet and 109hp.There will be another option of 2-liter turbo engine able to produce a torque of 326-pound feet and a 165 hp.Both will be paired with a six-speed transmission. It will have high fuel efficiency helping users save more on fuel.

2016 Subaru Exiga interior

2016 Subaru Exiga Release Date and Price

The date of release of the new car is expected to be the early months of 2016.The price of the car will be around $23,000, for the base model.

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