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The 2016 Toyota Alphard has undergone some major redesigning compared to its predecessors. The interior and the exteriors have been the focus point on the redesigning and overhaul. Toyota the interior of the minivan comes with several interesting new and improved features that transform the driving experience in the 2016 model. The most visible and important improvement in the interior is the increased legroom; this makes the minivan comfortable for tall individuals and gives the passengers more room to stretch their legs and relax.

2016 Toyota Alphard front

2016 Toyota Alphard Changes

The 2016 Toyota Alphard comes with leather seats something not so common in minivans; the leather adds to the elegant design of the car. The minivan comes packed with multiple gadgets and Bluetooth connectivity. There is also an inbuilt touch screen on the dashboard and a superior quality sound system. The minivan is also equipped with a rearview camera and parking assist technology. The vans size enables it to accommodate eight adults comfortably. The 2016 Toyota Alphard is sure to provide a comfortable, smooth and quiet ride to its passengers, and this is made possible by the technology incorporated into the cars design. The technology reduces the wind noise generated when the car is moving at high speeds. Most minivans exteriors are not very appealing but with the 2016 Toyota Alphard that is about to change. The new model comes with a larger front grille that is made in a mesh-like style and connects to the lower grille. The 2016 Alphard model uses led lighting system all around the van. The rear lights layout of the car has also been redesigned giving it a u shaped appearance that connects with the license plate area.

2016 Toyota Alphard rear

2016 Toyota Alphard Engine 

The Alphard comes with three engine options. The first is the 2.5-liter base engine, capable of producing 180 hp and it is equipped with a start and stop system for a better fuel efficiency. This engine enables the car to travel a distance of 12.8 kilometers per liter of gas. The second engine option is 3.5-liter 2GR-FE, this is a more powerful engine, and it produces about 276 hp. The van with this engine option will travel a distance of 9.5 kilometers per liter. The hybrid is the final option; it is made up of two motors one on the front and the other on the rear. The two motors combined produce about 150 hp, this engine is very economical and enables the car to travel a distance of 19.4 kilometers per liter of gas.

2016 Toyota Alphard interior

2016 Toyota Alphard Price and Release Date

The new model Alphard is expected to be released early next year, and the price range should be expected to be around $44,000 or above keeping in mind all the improvements and gadgets added to the car.

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