2016 Toyota Mirai Review, Price

In Japanese, Mirai means “say hello to the future”, and this is how Toyota calls its new car. The four-door, mid size sedan is the new car by the giant automotive company, which will hit the market after research of 20 years on fuel – cell technology. In fact some people who adore Toyota cars might say that the Japanese automotive company succeeded again in making another super car with 2016 Toyota Mirai.

2016 Toyota Mirai front


2016 Toyota Mirai Engine

The main part of this vehicle is a fuel – cell stack, which makes a maximum output of 153 hp, accelerating from 0-60 in 9 seconds and delivering a passing time of 3 seconds from 25-40 mph. The car, with a range of 300 miles in a single tank, offers a respectable amount of flexibility to its owners, emitting at the same time nothing besides harmless pure water, which will be ejected through a rear and tailpipe.

2016 Toyota Mirai rear

2016 Toyota Mirai Exterior and Interior

As it was expected, the new 2016 Toyota Mirai will have a rather advanced futuristic design. An interesting character line runs from the headlights to the A-Pillars, while massive intakes of air allow cool air to get around behind the front fascia. The hood is a bit smaller than the nose of the car and looks like floating above it. Around the back, the new car features rear thick pillars, as well as a modern design, with light bridge between its tail-lights. Moreover, alloy wheels and many accent lines that dress both sides of the car. The main taillights have a triangular shape.

The boldly inside is designed with curves and arcs, as to bring plenty of details. Below the center console rests a Cadillac-like haptic control panel, with a digital readout for the air conditioning control system. All the surfaces within the car are in the shades of black, grey or white. In the center of the dashboard there is a large touch screen display, which follows the lines of the dash. There is also a void space behind the steering wheel and an information display at the top of the dash. Overall, he technology inside the car is highly advanced, with great electronic equipments, in order to help the driver, as the electronic gear selector and the push-button park. There are also included safety features, such as the blind spot monitor, drive-start control, vehicle pre-collision and automatic high beams.

2016 Toyota Mirai interior

2016 Toyota Mirai Price & Release Date

The price of the new 2016 Toyota Mirai is already being set at $58,325, but after deduction incentives of government, especially in California, the price could deflate to $45,000. The new 2016 Toyota Mirai is available since this year in Japan, but in other countries will presented to the automotive showrooms and markets in 2016.

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