2016 Volkswagen Amarok Price, Review

German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen is no doubt among the largest and oldest automobile producers in the world. Vehicles from Volkswagen are held in high regard worldwide and their sales are also remarkable. The Volkswagen Amarok has proved to be on top of its class in the pick-up truck vehicle category. Since its introduction back in 2010 subsequent versions have made it popular with people of all ages. It therefore comes as no surprise that the 2016 Volkswagen Amarok does not disappoint either. This are some of the general features that make it outstanding.

2016 VW Amarok front

2016 Volkswagen Amarok Interior and Exterior

The 2016 Volkswagen Amarok has undergone a considerable redesign both on its exterior and interior. Like the previous model, the 2016 Amarok will be available in two body options. Both the single cab and the double cab will have the capacity to carry 5 passengers. The body has been designed to provide a lower center of gravity improving stability. Upgrades to the exterior include LED running lights and inert gas lights.

Eye-catching designs on the exterior have made the 2016 Volkswagen Amarok have an appealing outlook. The posterior has an optional cargo lid made of high density plastic which protects cargo from weather extremities and mechanical damage. At the anterior will be redesigned bumpers and a new grille with a chrome body adding to the aesthetic value of the truck. The interior features hand-woven leather seats arranged in a cinema-like concept(hind seats higher than front seats). The dashboard is accessorized with new add-ons that increase efficiency and effectiveness. The infotainment section is Bluetooth, mp3 and wi-fi enabled. It provides safety having been fitted with 2 airbags, traction control and an ABS system. The 2016 Amarok interior is designed to be stylish and effective.

2016 VW Amarok rear

2016 Volkswagen Amarok Engine

The 2016 Volkswagen Amarok comes with two engine options for each of the variants. The first being a 180hp 2-litre TDI engine giving 225 pounds of torque. The second engine option is the 420 hp 4-litre V8 engine. The transmission will be a six-speed manual or a eight-speed manual system. No significant changes from the current ratings are expected in fuel consumption. The current fuel ratings are on average 30mpg for the TDI engine and 25mpg for stronger BiTDI engines.

2016 VW Amarok interior

2016 Volkswagen Amarok Price and Release Date

The price of the new Volkswagen Amarok is estimated to be around $56000. But this price is subject to increase as per the customer’s customization preferences. Volkswagen launched the new 2016 Volkswagen Amarok at the Geneva Motor Show. It is expected to begin sales worldwide early in 2016. Looking at the specs, it is only right to say that the 2016 Volkswagen Amarok is definitely a truck to watch out for once it is comes out.

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