2016 VW Beetle Price, Review

The 2016 VW Beetle is a hatchback compact car that is currently under construction by Europe’s number one car manufacturer – Volkswagen Motors Corporation and is due for official release at the start of the year 2016. Its elegant features, fuel economy, safety, navigational features, engine, price, and release date form the subject of the proceeding review.

2016 VW Beetle front

2016 VW Beetle Exterior and Interior

The car shall have the following dimensions: length of 168, width of 71 inches, height of 59 inches, wheelbase of 100 inches, front track of 62 inches, rear track of 61 inches, trunk of around 30 cubic feet, and an overall weight of 2,948 pounds. It shall retain the appearance of the previous models with the addition of extra elegance and style. It shall have LED headlights and taillights; two doors; and a roof that can be lowered. Its wheels shall be of 19 inches.

The interior of the automobile shall feature a fairly spacious passenger compartment which shall have the capacity to accommodate a maximum of four passengers. The comfort of the passengers on board shall be enhanced by the existence of upholstered leather seats, USB and Bluetooth connectivity among others. The overall safety and navigation of the automobile shall be enhanced by the existence of central locking system features with remote key to ensure easy locking and unlocking of the car; and anti-lock braking system which enhances the slowing of the car; parking sensors that aids the drivers in parking the automobile; anti-theft system prevents unauthorized access of the car and its contents; and indeed, more besides!

2016 VW Beetle rear

2016 VW Beetle Engine 

The 2016 VW Beetle shall be equipped with a 2.0 liters V4 turbo-charged fuel stratified injection engine which shall be capable of generating 210 horsepower and 207 pounds feet of torque. The engine shall be mounted onto a six-speed direct shift gearbox automatic transmission; and an option six-speed manual transmission. The automobile shall have the front wheel driving system. It shall have a fuel tank capacity of around 15 gallons and shall consume an average of 23 miles per gallon for city drives and 30 miles per gallon for highway drives respectively. Its towing capacity shall be 851 pounds.

2016 VW Beetle interior

2016 VW Beetle Release Date and Price

The automobile is expected to be officially released into the market at the beginning of the year 2016. The automobile’s manufacturer’s standard recommended price shall greatly vary with the body style and configuration. Generally speaking, the cheapest, which is the 1.8T Classic hatchback shall go for $20,195, whereas the most expensive, which is the Turbo R-Line with Sound and Navigation (Automatic Convertible) shall go for $35,975.

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