2017 BMW Z4 Exterior, Interior

The BMW Z4 model was first introduced in 2009. The model has not received any updates since it was released. 7 years is such a long time and most people thought that BMW Z4 will never get an upgrade, but already BMW and Toyota have coined a joint venture deal where the each party will design a new platform for the BMW Z4. The 2017 BMW Z4 will be built on this new platform and the manufacturers expect that the model will share this base with the Toyota Supra in the future. It is expected that this platform will be more superior, frivolous, stronger and much easier to create as compared to the original one due to the materials used like carbon fiber composites and aluminum.

2017 BMW Z4 front

2017 BMW Z4 Exterior and Interior

The exteriors of the BMW Z4 will be novel, but will be easily recognized by the current BMW sedan users. The front fascia design elements for Z4 will be narrowed from the new Z4 and Z3 Series sedans. The silhouette and the back sections will be given fresh touches. The other exterior components will remain similar to the outgoing model since they give the car a nice sports stance.

Interior of the 2017 BMW Z4 are expected to deliver calm and comfortable cabin. It is expected that it will specifically focus on a totally new approach, a minimalistic interior design, to give the driver the opportunity to concentrate on how the motor feels. The vehicle will also make use of the modern and current technologies to enhance the interior like the head-up exhibit that will also give the drive all the required information. The new vehicle will also feature a huge monitor at the center console which will act as the primary control center.

2017 BMW Z4 rear

2017 BMW Z4 Engine

The company is debating on ether using new or much more improved engines from the already existing BMW sedans for the BMW Z4. It looks like the base framework would feature a 2.0-litre turbocharged inline 4 engine. This will however be developed from scratch for the Toyota Supra and for the BMW Z4. The manufacturer looks forward to fine-tune the engine to yield a maximum torque of 29 lbs. per foot and a maximum of 250 HP. Instead of the usual six-cylinder, the new Z4 sDrive3i model will come along with the 3.0 liter engine.

2017 BMW Z4 interior

2017 BMW Z4 Release Date and Price

The 2017 BMW Z4 release date is expected to be in early 2017. The base model is estimated to cost about $50,000. The higher models like M and higher will range as from $80,000 and above.

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