2017 Ford Fiesta Released, News

The advancement in automobile world has improved the nature of engine propelled equipment cruising our roads today. Different car manufacturers are spending most of their time planning hard on how to outshine one another regarding their products ranges. Customers have tastes and preferences, and the automobile makers must seek to satisfy these luxurious instincts of their customers. The 2017 Ford Fiesta will soon be a new product on the market and with changes which will be made on it will definitely attract the attention of the wider crowd.

2017 Ford Fiesta front


2017 Ford Fiesta Interior and Exterior

A more aggressive and eye-catching external appearance will definitely be one feature of the brand-new 2017 Ford Fiesta, that will distinguish it from other cars in the Ford line-up. It is expected to be equipped with a lower body and wider bumpers. As compared to its predecessors, 2017 Fiesta will be integrated with unique wheels to ensure that it moves comfortably at high speeds. The fascias will also be a bit spectacular. The front fascia of the vehicle will certainly have a bigger trapezoidal grille, while in the rear we expect a very big roof spoiler and twin exhaust pipe system rounded in shape. All this is due to the desire to achieve maximum streamlining and appearance

In the interior; compared to the earlier model, the Ford Fiesta will have some uniqueness. The buyers should anticipate a flat-bottomed steering wheel and gripper seats for some sort of athletic feel. It is expected to come with leather furniture and sufficient aluminum. The door panels, seats, and dash-board will get new covers and the usual dashboard in the present models will be utilized. The level of equipment will depend on the price, and will be decided by the manufacturer.

2017 Ford Fiesta side

2017 Ford Fiesta Engine

This automobile will came with a front-wheel drive. A 6-speed manual transmission will certainly be combined with the 2017 Fiesta’s engine. The engine will be much stronger than the current model. There is no official data on the engine choice but much anticipation is turned toward a 1.6-litre four-cylinder EcoBoost turbo engine. It offers 240 hp and 250 lb-ft (339Nm) of torque. The engine is fitted with an automatic start/stop and direct fuel injection systems. The total fuel consumption will predictably add up to 24/33/28 mpg. The engine can enable the 2017 Ford Fiesta to attain an acceleration of up to 60 miles per hour in 6 seconds. 150 miles per hour is the maximum speed restriction.

2017 Ford Fiesta interior

2017 Ford Fiesta Price and Release Date

The lovers of the Ford brand of automobiles can get their brand-new  Ford Fiesta as from the last quarter of 2016 when the car will be officially launched and released into the market. The base price of 2017 Ford Fiesta will range from $25,000 to $30,000.

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