2017 Honda Element Released, Price

The 2017 Honda Element is one of the latest crossover SUVs that have been manufactured and designed by the Japanese automaker company, Honda. The relatively smaller size of this new SUV makes it unique. The new model will also be upgraded in the interior, exterior as well as the performance. 2017 Element the vehicle’s new look and great designed is indeed convenient for urban masses.

2017 Honda Element front

2017 Honda Element Interior and Exterior 

2017 Honda Element the car will include have a look that is refreshed and implemented to enhance suitability for preferences within the current automotive market. The Changes that have been made in the exterior design of 2017 Honda Element include new LED headlights, modified bumpers, Xenon fog lights as well as a front grille design that is slightly tapered which makes the model elegant. Additionally, the manufacturers have used a 17 inch alloy wheel which has facilitated better grip and improved performance. The SUV will provide interior decor theme that is revamped. 2017 Honda Element the cabin of the new mode has been made slightly larger hence allowing each passenger in the car to sit comfortably. The interior also features a new LCD screen for displaying relevant, superb audio system and also Power steering.

2017 Element the model also has safety features such as cruise control, airbags, Navigation, parking sensors, Navigation, among others. Moreover, there it will also include Bluetooth and USB functionalities so as to be compatible with smart phone features. 2017 Honda Element the Satellite radio allows for tuning to some of the best radio stations in the world using airwaves.

2017 Honda Element rear

2017 Honda Element Performance

The automotive experts have speculated that the 2017 Honda Element’s performance will include an V-TEC) engine of 2.4 L 4-cylinder which is made to generate a great output power of about 150 hp as well as a torque of about 160 lb-ft. The basic speed of the model is unknown, but expert speculations show that it will come with a speed of 110mph. It is also made efficiently for use effective use of gasoline and, thus, saves a lot for the user from fuel expenses. 2017 Element the rating given by the fuel economy is of 20 mpg when the user is driving in areas that area heavy trafficked like towns and cities and 25 mpg when the user drives on an express highway.

2017 Honda Element interior

2017 Honda Element Release Date and Price

Even though the exact release date of the model is yet to be confirmed, 2017 Honda Element is expected to cost around $30,000 for its primary version. Models with higher trims will most probably cost higher. 2017 Honda Element the car will certainly be seen in show rooms before the end of 2016.

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