2017 Hyundai ix35 Review, Price

The Hyundai Company has kept its goals high as it aims to achieve certain milestone before the year 2007 gets to the end. Some of these goals is releasing 22 models during that year. One of these 22 models is 2017 Hyundai ix35. The predecessor of this model first appeared in the market in the year 2009. Though there has been speculation that this model will be available in the market in two trims. These brand new model is to face quit a stiff completion from other companies including the Kia Sportage that have its specs similar to the 2017 Hyundai ix35.

2017 Hyundai ix35 front

2017 Hyundai ix35 Interior and Exterior

As a matter of fact the first model of the 2017 Hyundai ix35 was actually meant to replace the Tucson series. The 2017 model will get a much redesigned facelift and of cause some little changes here and there. It will have an increase in its size. The design of this model would be based on the Hyundai upcoming fluid sculpture 2.0 that was noted on new release of the Sonata and genesis sedan. There would be an increased size of the hexagonal grille with a clean cut. Many improvements are expected in the air conditioning system to provide allowance of much more air flow towards the front side. Light emitting diodes have been fitted accordingly and there is reduction of size in the panel lines.

This model will feature triangle pipes at the exhaust with a 3D effect feature that will go a long way in giving these model an elegant look. The tyre will be 18 inches in size accompanied with high end wheels that are meant to ensure stability of the machine as it negotiate corners. Presence of a 4.2 inch display at the dash board will provide relay information of various stats of the vehicle including speed, temperature and clock. The staring wheel is to come with a new design that will provide the driver with a firm grip to it to enhance controlling of the machine. Other features will include an auto packing assistant and an anti-collision system meant to alert the driver.

2017 Hyundai ix35 rear

 2017 Hyundai ix35 Engine 

2017 Hyundai ix35 as mentioned earlier of that this model will be released in different trims, different trim will come with different variation. Under the hood would be a petrol powered engine one that will have a fuel displacement of 1.6 litres with four cylinders. This diesel driven engine will have a capacity of 1.7 to around 2.0 litres and a power delivery that would range from 180 to 185 horse power. 2017 Hyundai ix35 there is speculation that there would be an inclusion of a 2.4 litre engine. The model will also feature the new technology of fuel cell that are said to have lower fuel consumption with high power delivery. On normal standard model you ought to find a front wheel drive and all-wheel drive option is too provided as back-up plan. 2017 Hyundai ix35 the engine will be mated with a six speed automatic transmission system. The predecessor of this model hit the record of achieving 60 mph in 12.8 seconds and with the improvements in the new model we expect that that time would reduce further.

2017 Hyundai ix35 interior

2017 Hyundai ix35 Price and Release Date

2017 Hyundai ix35 its price is speculated to start from $22,000 and expected to hit the market by mid-2017.

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