2017 Mercedes E class Redesign, Review

Mercedes have continuously been producing the best cars in the industry. Their vehicles are of high quality, and the new 2017 Mercedes E class is no different. It is exquisite and appealing to the eyes. It is easily likable by anyone. It is sexy and crisp. The new 2017 model will see a couple of changes. Modifications include the use of a new platform such as the one introduced in the current Mercedes C class that is in the market. This new version is bold and gallant. Mercedes have been improving the quality of cars they produce with every release so expect significance improvement in the performance of this car.

2017 Mercedes E class front

2017 Mercedes E class Exterior and Interior

As mentioned above, this new 2017 model will see 2017 Mercedes E class employ a new platform in the outer design of its vehicles. This new platform design will borrow heavily from the C class. The headlights will have the same round design as compared to previous versions. The tail lights will have the same analogous shape as the previous models. However, all these will be fastened to a brand new chassis that will be up to 90% stiffer and 20% lighter as compared to previous versions of this car.

Luxury defines the interior of this car. High-quality upholstery will be used in the making of seats, thereby increasing comfort for the users. Using of leather will also ensure the interior is durable. Some internal parts will be manufactured using aluminum. Some parts will also be built using wood as is always by these models. It will also have a great surround sound system that will be of pleasure to your ears.

2017 Mercedes E class side

2017 Mercedes E class Engine

This model will come in a couple of engine options. The first powertrain option will be a 2-liter petrol turbocharged engine that will produce 250 horsepower. The second engine choice will be a V6 3-liter powertrain that will generate 350 horsepower. Both of the above options will feature a brand new upgraded 9-speed gearbox. The new gearbox will be faster and smoother. The response of the engines mentioned above will be upgraded with the new gearbox. The third engine option of this lovely sedan will a top of the range, 4-liter petrol, twin-turbocharged powertrain. This engine will produce 550 horsepower. Fuel economy of this model will be enhanced due to the improved technology used in their redesign.

2017 Mercedes E class interior

2017 Mercedes E class Release Date and Price

2017 Mercedes E class haven’t confirmed the exact date of release of this sedan, but it is expected to be available for customers sometime next year i.e. 2016. The price should range from £35,000 for the entry level model to £50,000 for the top of the range version.


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