2017 Mini Countryman Changes, Price

The German automaker has gone further to make improvements on its Mini Countryman car model that has earned much recognition in the recent past. The company aims at increasing its appeal and attraction in the future and making it one of the best-selling vehicles in its category to do this, several aspects of the car, needed modifications and upgrading. The 2017 Mini Countryman is expected to be a more practical and functional model of the car compared to previous versions. Many changes will be seen with the new model, and some of these changes are covered in this article.

2017 Moni Countryman front

2017 Mini Countryman Exterior and Interior

The exterior of the 2017 Mini Countryman will get significant changes, but the car will retain some aspects of the traditional Mini design. Some of the exterior changes include a more bold and aggressive design. The car is going to be larger than previous models this will give it more room in the cabin be it for storage of luggage or legroom. The front grille will be modified, and it will be different from the typical Mini grille, the bumpers will also be modified. The new bumper models are meant to promote air intake. The Mini will also be fitted with an LED lighting system.

Owing to the cars overall huge size compared to previous models the driver and passengers alike will enjoy a more comfortable and relaxed ride in the 2017 Mini Countryman. The interior of the new model Mini will receive high-quality leather upholstery that is meant to give it a stylish and elegant finish; the steering wheel will also be covered by high-quality leather. The dashboard will also undergo some modifications, and some added features will be fitted in the car making it more modern.

2017 Mini Countryman side

2017 Mini Countryman Engine

The 2017 Mini Countryman will be available with various engine options to match the consumers’ needs, and these engine options are as follows. The first is a 1.5-liter petrol engine capable of doing 135 horsepower. The second variant is a 1.5-liter diesel engine capable of producing 115 horsepower. The third is a 2.0-liter diesel engine capable of 170 horsepower, and a 2.0-liter petrol or gasoline variant will be able to produce 300 horsepower. All the engine variants will be attached to a six-speed manual transmission.

2017 Mini Countryman interior

2017 Mini Countryman Price and Releas Date

The car is set to available for purchase in the fourth quarter of this year or earlier next year. The base model of the Mini Countryman is supposed to retail at $27,000 thousand dollars, and prices vary with the options the consumer selects.

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