2017 Nissan Z Changes, Price

Nissan redesigned the 2017 Nissan Z to keep their sports cars in existence and to keep up with the competitive sports cars market. Nissan being a Japanese automaker want to produce this car under the code name Z35 for the American market. 2017 Nissan Z will be built using lightweight materials to weigh 420 pounds. The cabin will have slight changes. It is redesigned based on the buyers’ expectations. It is made using the latest technology. Due to the rising demand from the worldwide markets, 2017 may go with hybrid drive. The car will be either convertible or coupe. Just like the previous models the car looks good for a roadster or a coupe.

2017 Nissan Z front

2017 Nissan Z Exterior and Interior

Nissan Z has a unique design that has managed to win over the hearts of a broad range of customers. Nissan eliminated its old mistakes and concentrated on implementing the most modern designs possible. The car’s bodywork is well done with the design being edgier than that of its predecessor. They implemented a sharper grille, new LED headlights, and new taillights.

It is anticipated that the 2017 Nissan Z’s interior will entail modern features especially the cabin. Although 2017 Nissan is a small car, the cabin will be designed to accommodate different sizes of people comfortably. The seats will have the sporty design, and leading technology will be used. New features and gadgets will be included to give the car an elegant look. Some features will be retained same as in the previous model that includes braking system stability control, safety, and air curtains. The interior is covered with leather and comes in wide range of colors to select from. Audio and Bluetooth control buttons are included on the steering for easier access while driving.

2017 Nissan Z side

2017 Nissan Z Engine and Fuel Economy

Nissan Z hybrid variant will come with a 3.5 liter V6 petrol engine will be combined with an electric motor. The engine will generate about 360 of horsepower that is a top quality performance and a torque of around 400 lb-ft. This engine will be combined with maybe a manual transmission system or an automatic six-speed CVT. There will be an improvement in acceleration, and top speed will offer greater mileage. The second option engine is said to be borrowed from Mercedes, it is turbocharged four-cylinder engine 2.0 liters and delivers more than 200 horsepower and will be mated with an electric motor. The engine option is anticipated to be more fuel efficient compared to the hybrid version. In the production of 2017 Nissan Z, aluminum is used which is a light metal hence the car is light in weight. The model shares chassis and other great features with other gorgeous models, it is expected that accessories with high technology will be used. The car still retains two doors, and it can accommodate five adults comfortably.

2017 Nissan Z interior

2017 Nissan Z Price and Release Date

Nissan announced that the 2017 Z would be acquired at about $60,000 which makes it affordable by many customers, hence wins over many fans. The 2017 Nissan Z is anticipated to get into the market at the beginning of 2017.

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