2017 Renault Alaskan News, Released

With 2017, and the first French pick-up is all set to hit the global markets and how. Yes, the french car manufacturer Renault has rolled up its sleeves to introduce the Alaskan, a pick-up truck drawing heavily on the compacts of the American market. A concept version of the 2017 Renault Alaskan has already been unveiled in the Frankfurt Auto Show and we cannot wait for Renault’s baby to hit the road.

2017 Renault Alaskan front

2017 Renault Alaskan Exterior and Interior

Renault has put together a team of its best designers to make sure that the Alaskan scores high marks on the looks front. The concept model showcased in Frankfurt might have been a little too futuristic and we expect the production model to be toned down a little with conservative elements. But we can fairly assume that the one tone pick-up will have 21 inch wheels, state of the art LED lighting and a polished metal exterior.

The 2017 Renault Alaskan is aimed at the private luxury focused market and thus we expect swanky interiors. The pickup will seat five and is expected to be equipped with a heating system, luxurious seats and probably a touchscreen infotainment system. Sources say that the Alaskan will also have a rearview camera to capture the landscapes you trod on this French beauty.

2017 Renault Alaskan rear

2017 Renault Alaskan Engine

The 2017 Renault Alaskan is to be armed with a 2.3 liter twin-turbo diesel powered 163 hp engine. The car is supposed to accelerate to 60 mph in a little over 8 seconds. Highest speed of the car will be a whopping 125 mph with a 40.4 mpg mileage. When it hits the market, the 2017 Renault Alaskan will be competing with pickups from players like Nissan. However, we believe that the Alaskan will be faring quite well with its French design aesthetics. We just hope that the manufacturers add some add on features for the premium market and both automatic and manual options. We cannot wait for the French beauty to take the global markets by storm. We have already been won over. Here’s looking at you, 2017 Renault Alaskan.

2017 Renault Alaskan interior

2017 Renault Alaskan Price and Release Date

2017 Renault Alaskan though the model showcased at Frankfurt Auto show is not exactly what we expect to see on the road when the car is officially unveiled in summer 2017, we could not be more excited about Renault’s pickup adventure. We believe that the Alaskan will be priced at around 30,000 Euros and the target demographic is the luxury focused business class.

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