2017 Scion TC Price, News

2017 Scion TC is a car model that will be the third in its generation and an improvement from the second previous model. Toyota, the manufacturing company, wants to give young drivers a whole new and improved experience by introducing this amazing car. Scion it has great improvements to enhance more speed, performance, comfort and be economical as well.

2017 Scion TC front

2017 Scion TC Exterior and Interior

The external design has experienced great advancement from the previous model. The headlights, the bumper, and the rear fascia come in new shapes. A new and beautiful design appearance is seen by the introduction of a new grille which might use chrome strips just like the previous version. The bodywork gets a new look with improved sporty lines outshining modern sports cars today. The mirrors and side air intakes also get new designs. The car also has a roof line with about four exhausters. The wheels have aluminum and are eighteen inches.

2017 Scion TC the interior has a makeover with a great improvement of the vehicle’s safety system. The anti-braking system, as well as airbags, will be of great help to the users in a major way. The sensors also go a long way to ensuring the safety of both the car and the user. The car has comfy seats with a new design which is modern and has spacious legroom space. The company seeks to make sure that the new model has an optimum engine with a four cylinder 2.5 liter that can produce a horsepower of 180. The car has a spacious cabin which is comfy due to the inclusion of natural leather with carbon fiber and accents of chrome. For entertainment purposes, the car has a new radio, Bluetooth, a TV and USB cable which gives it a nice visual appeal.

2017 Scion TC rear

2017 Scion TC Engine

The engine has a long survival feature which makes it economical for the user. It also has an automatic or manual transmission with a speed of six and usually transfers power to the wheels. The car has a less fuel consumption feature which is of minimum levels. This is economical and a reason for this car to be the best within its class category.

2017 Scion TC interior

2017 Scion TC Release Date and Price

Toyota has not officially announced both the release date and the price of the car but there are rumors that it will be released and featured in early 2017 after its premiere in a major auto show in 2016. 2017 Scion TC as for the price, what is known is that it will be higher as compared to the previous car due to the major refreshments and improvements. It is difficult to estimate the price but it can be approximated to be around $20,000.

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