2017 Toyota Prius Price, Engine

Even as other key players continue to refine their cars before making them available to consumers, the new 2017 Toyota Prius has been seen as a vital weapon by Toyota to go up against the massive competition that is currently going on across the auto manufacturing industry. Although much information about this car has been kept under closed doors, rumors and a number of great snapshots are already out. So as we wait for the official lunch of this futuristic car technology, let us have another look at it.

2017 Toyota Prius front

2017 Toyota Prius Exterior and Interior

Considering the designer still has a lot of time, the outside of this car will receive a major overhaul; it is going to be developed into a sweptback sedan shape. What does that mean? It means this car will be built on a somewhat lower hood and a more upright windscreen moved back. These few changes are expected to take the total aerodynamic effectiveness of this 2017 model into another level. The best part, with the new framework below the sheet metal, that alone will give this car a lower center of mass and that means better general handling.

The inside is probably going to give other car designers a run for their money. It is going to be a bit roomier and will definitely come with an attractive overall appearance to execute a variety layout refinement. According to some of the pictures that we have managed to see so far; the inside will offer an extraordinary seat covers coupled with spectacular plan for more energies. As for entertainment and technology, we expect to see a lot more.

2017 Toyota Prius rear

 2017 Toyota Prius Performance

When it comes to the engine, we do not expect any major changes. Under the hood is likely to be a standard 1.8 Liter 4-cyinder gas engine combined with slightly smaller and efficient powerful electric motors. It is not even going to stop there; word has it that designers are considering either to put a nickel-metal hydride battery pack or retain the more expensive lithium pack ones.

2017 Toyota Prius interior

2017 Toyota Prius Price and Release Date

So far so good, we do not have any official information on when it will be released and how much it would cost; however, it being a 2017 model, we expect it to hit a number of dealerships near you toward the end of 2016 of or the start of 2017. As for the price; if you cannot wait to drive this new 2017 Toyota Prius, you should be ready to part with around $36,00o

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