2018 Audi TTQ Interior, Exterior

Audi announced their 2018 Audi TTQ concept stretching the TT line-up to brand-new level. We will discuss what kind of exterior, interior and engine should we expect from this new model.

2018 Audi TTQ front

2018 Audi TTQ Exterior and Interior

If you still remember the old TT Off-road Concept than you will find this car very funky looking. The main reason the company developed 2018 Audi TTQ is because of the increased demand of the market. They tried to be ahead of the competition with new stylish look. This Audi vehicle got itself a sporty looking hood, which alongside with the new big wheels makes the car a real beauty in its class. It will also have an increased ride height and a low roofline.

If we look the interior of this car, it seems that it is not very different from the old 2018 Audi TTQ concept with of course few changes. Drives of the SUV cars expect to more comfort in their vehicles so the thin-backed sport seats will be replaced with the ones. They will also replace the 2+2 seating configuration with the traditional concept of five-person seats. The new 2018 Audi TTQ will have a 12.3” TFT instrument cluster, alongside with the 2018 Audi TTQ circular vents and the flat bottom steering wheels. So generally this new model will have classic TT’s cabin with little extra space and new comfortable seats.

2018 Audi TTQ rear

2018 Audi TTQ Engine

The 2018 Audi TTQ Off-road concept had under its hood a combination of a turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder engine that produced 292 horsepower and pair of electric motors that gave it additional 114 horsepower. This combination gave it a total of 408 horsepower and 479 pound feet of torque, but the chances of powering new 2018 AUDI TTQ with this are not very high, and it will have to wait for now. I expect to see this new vehicle powered with engines like those in the TT model. If we speak about the European market, the recently released 2015 TT line-up includes a 2.0L TDI engine with 184 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. Than we have a 2.0L TFSI engine that produce 310 horsepower 273 pound-feet of torque. However the 2.0L TDI engine is not available once you cross over to the United States.

2018 Audi TTQ interior

2018 Audi TTQ  Release Date and Price

The main competition of the new Audi model will most likely be the BMW X4. It is still too early to speculate about the price, but we expected to be slightly under the Bimmer’s current price which is $44,700. This new 2018 Audi TTQ should be in serial production sometime in 2017.

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