2017 Jaguar XJ Redesign, News

Apart from releasing some of the most stylish and elegant cars, perhaps the most important thing about Jaguar Car Manufacturers is the manner in which these releases always catch us by surprise. 2017 Jaguar XJ this auto manufacturing giant has always ensured that whenever any of their masterpieces hit the markets, all are left with no choice but to put away their current automobiles in order to acquire the new model. The story will not be different when the 2017 Jaguar XJ makes its way to the markets later this year. As we brace ourselves for its wonderful reception, let us look at what makes it earn its place as one of the most sought-after SUVs.

2017 Jaguar XJ front

2017 Jaguar XJ Exterior and Interior

The exterior redesign of the 2017 Jaguar XJ shall not be very large but the features ensure the size is well-compensated for. 2017 Jaguar XJ the first characteristic feature of the exterior of this car shall be a bigger grille with air intakes which will be chrome processed. There will also be LED lights fitted with modern graphics systems, along with another set of new LED rear lights. Those wishing to go for the new and ultra luxurious Autobiography model are likely to get a long wheelbase as well as a set of 20-inch alloy wheels. For the XJ R-Sport trim, buyers should expect a welcome addition of a three-part front splitter and new side skirts.

2017 Jaguar XJ luxury is what will define the interior design of this automobile with quality leather seats creatively designed in contrasting stitching. The interior will also feature state-of-the-art infotainment features among many other technological features. This spectacular infotainment system will be made of two 10.2-inch HD screens which will be strategically placed in the back of the front two seats just so the back-seaters can have something to keep them busy through the drive. If you thought that was enough, remember that there will be an inclusion of all modern safety systems such as an airbag and a seat belt to guard you in the event of an accident or a near-accident situation.

2017 Jaguar XJ rear

2017 Jaguar XJ Engine 

Buyers should expect several engine options to come with the 2017 Jaguar XJ. Of all these, only one will be diesel. 2017 Jaguar XJ there will be an inclusion of an eco-friendly engine option i.e. the 3.0L V6 diesel engine that will be capable of producing up to 306 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque. As opposed to the previous generation models whose diesel engines produced a whopping 159 grams per kilometer of CO2 emissions, the new model shall be upgraded to produce a meager 149 grams for the same level of CO2 emission. 2017 Jaguar XJ lastly, there will be the slightly more powerful engine option, the 2.0L turbo gasoline engine, that shall produce 240 horsepower and 340 Nm of torque which shall be followed closely by a 3.0L V6that that shall produce up to 340 hp and 450 Nm. Topping the list of these options shall be the 5.0L V8 which shall be able to produce 550 hp and 680 Nm of torque.

2017 Jaguar XJ interior

2017 Jaguar XJ Price and Release Date

Car lovers may have to wait until fall of next year to be able to get their hands on the 2017 Jaguar XJ. The entry level models are expected to fetch somewhere around 58,690 pounds while the top of the line model of the XJ and the XJ R-Sport are expected to fetch 100.000 and 71,625 pounds respectively.

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