Hummer HX Concept News, Released

The model of these Hummer HX Concept had its release back way in the year 2008 during the famous Detroit show. This model is an elegant good quality off the road machine that features coll luxurious exterior and interior design. The manufacture company has come up with a new idea of style, the aeronautical theme for this classy model comprising some elements of the jeep. Hummer HX Concept for those fans of off roads machine, be sure of an awesome moment with the comfort and luxury accompanied with a very powerful engine.

Hummer HX Concept front

Hummer HX Concept Interior and Exterior 

The powerful hummer machine adapts a muscular body work enhanced with a rugged styling. The body is made up of light weight aluminium component giving it the aerodynamic power and reducing the fuel consumption with a good percentage. The machine is to run on a thirty five inch gigantic tires accompanied with 20 inch rim making it a number one choice of machine in terms of off road adventures. From a distance one would confuse this Hummer HX Concept for a military vehicle as they are designed almost similarly for hard terrains escapades.

Hummer HX Concept at its front end one would come to encounter a high advanced lighting system that are fitted with HID headlamps that take SLR lenses nature of operation. This model of hummer body styling is meant to adapt a multi deferential configuration, a roof that is modular chopped and a slightly slanted back side that tends to take the look of the traditional wagon. The 2017 Hummer HX Concept comes with a unique feature of its removable door panels that are no longer that straight like of the previous models. Hummer HX Concept this model takes a luxurious tout shoulder that intersects with both the front and rear fenders. The front fenders of this model are also removable giving the user an easy time in case of damage to the trail. Inside this model of hummer, it features a simple but modernized dashboard. Its interior cabins takes the form of a luxurious exterior theme as the centre console is just like an airplane cockpit. Hummer HX Concept has a instrument panel that is meant to house a configurable LCD output display as well as removable storage bins. The LCD gives opportunity to the driver to read information about the machine. i.e. speed, temperature etc. comfort for the passengers is guaranteed by high quality seats made up of aluminium material using neoprene as the seat covers. It has an increased leg room making the passengers comfortable.

Hummer HX Concept side

Hummer HX Concept Engine 

Hummer Concept below the hood of this machine is a powerful 3.6 litre engine E85 flex fuel V6 engine that poses a three hundred and four horse power with 273 lb ft. the engine will be mated with a six speed automatic transmission that would power both the front and rear wheels. The machine is full time four wheel drive and fitted with braves in all the four wheels.

Hummer HX Concept interior

Hummer HX Concept Price and Release Date

No full details are out for the public though there are high speculations that the Hummer HX Concept will hit the market end of this year, its price will range from $25, 000 to $30,000

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