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2017 Dodge Viper News, Engine

2017 Dodge Viper front

The 2017 Dodge Viper is a unique super sport car that will feature minor updates both on the exterior and interior design. It will be offered inn two body styles of Convertible and Coupe.

2016 Dodge Journey Price, News

2016 Dodge Journey front

Are you caught up in a battle between whether to buy a minivan or an SUV? The 2016 Dodge Journey could provide you with a very unlikely but quite sufficient answer. The model has among the best features to bridge the difference that a minivan and an SUV have to offer. With this particular model, you get to enjoy the comfort and agility that comes with a minivan while still enjoying the brute power of an SUV. But, that is not all there is to the 2016 Dodge Journey.

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2016 Dodge Magnum New, Released

2016 Dodge Magnum front

The Dodge Magnum was first introduced in 2005 and the last series in this line was released in 2008. The new model is a high-speed one and it is also very sleek and attractive looking. There is high anticipation amongst Dodge enthusiasts for the release of the 2016 version. Dodge is being very secretive with the details of the upcoming 2016 Dodge Magnum.

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2016 Dodge Durango Changes, Review

2016 Dodge Durango front

Dodge is preparing to launch a brand new full sized SUV, the Dodge Durango in 2016. The 2016 Dodge Durango comes with some brand new features and some changes which make it remarkable and recognizable in a stunning new style. The SUV has been redesigned and improved for better performance, less fuel consumption and better overall outlook. The new model has a more sophisticated interior and refined exterior. The overall weight of the vehicle has been reduced significantly. The headlights, hood and the front grille have also been changed slightly. All these changes as made this vehicle bigger, better and lighter compared to its predecessor.

2016 Dodge Avenger Released, New

2016 Dodge Avenger front

Since 2011, the 2016 Dodge Avenger enthusiasts have been waiting for a redesign but no luck has seemed to be coming their way. However, their prayers seem to have finally fallen on some responsive ears in the Dodge design halls and the redesign that they have been waiting for a very long time are coming their way in the most opportune time. Come next year, most Dodge enthusiast could have a chance of seeing the first redesign of the Avenger since 2011 which is also expected to be the last and hence a must get. So, what are some of the new additions that will be included in the 2016 Dodge Avenger?

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2016 Dodge Dakota Price, New

2016 Dodge Dakota front

The 2016 Dodge Dakota comes to the mid-sized pick-up truck market as a redesigned model, with the first of this model setting foot in the market back in 1987. Ever since 1987, Dodge Dakota have remained significant in the production of high-tech midsized pickup trucks. The announcement of the 2016 Dodge Dakota is in a bid to increase the customer base of the make and model by the automaker, despite a few glitches in sales of the previous model. The 2016 Dodge Dakota is expected to be having a smaller cargo area, a very plush interior, and modern features as well as dynamics coming as standard installations. The styling of the exterior and its décor will be enhanced as compared to its predecessor, ensuring a stylish and ornamental look.

2016 Dodge Cummins Review, Price

2016 Dodge Cummins front

With launch of several trucks during the course of the last few decades, the heavy-duty truck industry has got progressively aggressive with auto creators and designers working round the clock to get one over their rivals. Competitiveness is apparently the order of the day in the entire trucking industry. The 2016 Dodge Cummins is a new upcoming truck model, which is anticipated to send swells across the business and hail itself when it comes to both force and execution. The majority of the minor disadvantages have been rectified and new plan and engineering concepts have been utilized for developing this exceptional model.

2016 Dodge Charger MPG, Changes

2016 Dodge Charger front

2016 Dodge Charger presents to us a great deal of technological innovations that are perfectly combined with traditional look, ready to leave everyone amazed and breathless. In this review, we will go through some of the most importanat recent improvements and changes made on 2016 Dodge Charger. When it comes to the exterior design of the new 2016 Dodge Charger, there are no many differences when comparing it to its precursor. The manufactures decided to maintain the original retro look that has been combined with a big dose of a modern and attractive design. Maybe in negligible amounts, the redesign is visible in some segments of the new model, of the popular Charger.

2016 Dodge Challenger Review, MPG

2016 Dodge Challenger front

2016 Dodge Challenger the American Muscle Car line-up has long tradition. The Challenger’s production started back in 1958, which makes this model one of the richest automobiles on the market, when it comes to their history. Last model year brought changes and 2016 Dodge Challenger will stay mainly the same as its predecessor. Previous model received some new styling cues and transmission upgrade, as well as the new SRT Hellcat. So, let’s see what we can expect from the upcoming Challenger 2016:

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2016 Dodge Viper Price, Coupe

2016 Dodge Viper front

Taking into account that the very first Viper was a convertible that came with a hard top, Dodge angered many of its enthusiasts when in 2013 they decided to release the 5th generation of the 2016 Dodge Viper as a coupe. Things are however going to change with the 2016 Dodge Viper Roadster. The car will for the most part be the same as the normal Viper with its roof replaced with a soft top that retracts behind the seats.