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2017 Ford Fusion Release, Engine

2017 Ford Fusion front

For the sub-Saharan market, Fords men have been busy working hard to produce the best. Their ultimate goal is to make sure that its fans fall in love with every model they produce. Their newest model yet to be launched is the 2017 Ford Fusion which is expected to be an eye killer. The new 2017 Ford Fusion is distinctive and also exclusive with futuristic features that are highly noticeable. Let me take you through the interior and exterior features that make this car unique.

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2017 Ford Explorer Released, MPG

2017 Ford Explorer front

To achieve greater fuel economy, the 2017 Ford Explorer’s chassis will be an assembly of lighter materials in order to reduce its total curb weight by 700 pounds. It will also have enhanced wheel spreads to further increase its fuel economy. There will be a range of optional features for each model of this Ford Explorer such as inflatable seatbelts, front-view camera, trailer tow package, auto-dimming rear-view mirrors, forward collision warning systems, and lane departure system.

2017 Ford Bronco Engine, News

2017 Ford Bronco front

The appearance of 2017 Ford Bronco is no longer a myth after a 20-year pause. Ford Bronco has become one of the most favorable full size SUV in the market since its initial release in 1996. The 2017 Ford Bronco will be modernized and improved both in and outside, an updated engine will be used resulting to an improved performance and reduced fuel consumption. The new Ford model is also expected to use the Ford Atlas concept as its main development platform.

2017 Ford Ranger Release Date, News

2017 Ford Ranger front

The 2017 Ford Ranger will be a brilliant addition to Ford’s existing lineup of cars and is a must by if you are planning to own a great truck. Expertly designed, and with superior body work, it will manage to woo the audiences at first glance. The engineers has clearly made a lot of effort to come out with a refreshed version of 2017 Ford, as is evident by the specially made working on its body. All the new updated features also gives Ford Ranger a perfect and eye catching look.

2016 Ford Focus Electric Engine, Changes

2016 Ford Focus Electric front

With the current discussions about the environment, oil usage (and price) and CO2 emissions, these electric cars have become a great idea. That is why each year the competition between these models grows bigger and bigger. For 2016, one more time Ford releases its 2016 Ford Focus Electric, as in the last few years.

2016 Ford C-Max PHEV Review, Hybrid

2016 Ford C-Max PHEV front

2016 Ford C-Max PHEV for a lot of drivers and even potential owners of hybrid vehicles, the major concern and primary worry has always been getting stuck with a dead battery in the middle of nowhere. This is what has probably kept the people at a hand’s distance from making the switch. However, car makers like Ford have got a solution around this and these are the PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles). They are able to help you run short distances on electricity and for the longer drives, you can then opt for gas. In Europe, it is highly anticipated that the 2016 Ford C-Max PHEV vehicle there will be a Ford C-Max and that is why the 2016 Ford C-Max PHEV is worth some bit of scrutiny.

2016 Ford Fiesta ST Electric, Exterior

2016 Ford Fiesta ST front

The Ford Fiesta ST is one of the best family hatchbacks that you can have today. The 2016 model  is no exception. It is a car that will fit young people and young families equally well. It offers style, comfort and practicality in a well organized package. The 2016 Ford Fiesta ST model goes a long way to show development in the modern day automotive industry.

2017 Ford f250 Changed, Review

2017 Ford f250 front

Ford has for years been a leader in the production of the best pickup vehicles. They have always manufactured great pickup trucks. They have succeeded with previous models of the f250. They have consistently wowed truck lovers with the F-150 series, and the new 2017 Ford f250 will be no different. It will be a sight to behold, and will be loved by many.

2017 Ford Raptor Interior, Exterior

2017 Ford Raptor front

Ford Raptor is considered Americas best off road truck. 2017 Ford Raptor will be re engineered to make it tougher, smarter, and more efficient than ever. This prestigious truck is promising to steer the unique tradition of prestigious trucks in its segment. Its sleeker looks, advanced technology, and performance, will definitely bring it on the cutting edge.

2017 Ford Fiesta Released, News

2017 Ford Fiesta front

The advancement in automobile world has improved the nature of engine propelled equipment cruising our roads today. Different car manufacturers are spending most of their time planning hard on how to outshine one another regarding their products ranges. Customers have tastes and preferences, and the automobile makers must seek to satisfy these luxurious instincts of their customers. The 2017 Ford Fiesta will soon be a new product on the market and with changes which will be made on it will definitely attract the attention of the wider crowd.